Tips to Buy Toys Online This Holiday


Most of you are probably still recovering from the turkey coma you self inflicted yesterday. We cannot complain, though. Thanksgiving just happens to be one of the best holidays. Family and friends are gathered around, showing appreciation for the things that have been given to them. We reminisce about incredible experiences while laugh and just enjoy the company of others. On top of all of this great fellowship, we are stuffing our faces with delicious foods! Does it really get better than that.

Some of you are thinking, “Well, yeah; It does!” There is a holiday that shortly follows Thanksgiving. This holiday is much like Thanksgiving, but with one added bonus; gift exchange. Of course I am talking about the Christian holiday Christmas. Christmas has transcended the barrier of religion and reached its arms to nearly the entire world. On this marry day, people show there love for one another by the giving of gifts. For the point of this article, I will let you in on my own private struggle with this holiday. I had a looming fear; this fear consumed me even before Thanksgiving rolled around. My fear stems from my less than frugal spending that equates to a laughable Christmas budget. In other words, I could not appropriately gift to my loved ones, and this was a problem.

Here are a few helpful tips that have since helped me move past this fear by becoming a super saver during the holiday season; especially when I buy toys for my youngest. I will skip past the details of budgeting for the season, as that has not much to do with my savings. The biggest transition I went through was the to transfer my shopping from in stores and malls to the cyber space. Right off the bat, I saved at least 10% (usually a lot more) by this one simple move. I have discovered that there is vigorous price war happening on my behalf online. There are hundreds of stores reaching for my business when I shop on the internet. As they continue to undercut each other, I see the savings! The power really has been transferred to the purchasers. The savings do not just end there.

Remember internet shoppers, that the price listed is not always the price we pay. There are several instances where the we are tricked into believing that only to get compounded with additional charges. These charges can include anything from shipping, to sales tax, to service charges. Luckily for us, there are online companies out there that have our interests in mind. They know that if we are happy to shop there, we will come back for more purchases. This companies will have no tax, and even pay the shipping for us! There really is no such thing as free shipping; someone has to pay the shipping charges. Let’s save all we can by getting the company to pay for it!

The last helpful tip I have really ended up saving me a bundle. This is the limited time offers that certain sites hold. These sales are up at random and can equate to huge savings when we buy toys. They come in the form of promotions like “deal of the day”s and “weekend special blowouts”. These discounts are a lot like coupons that we clip out of the news paper, which means that they expire. So, act on them quick! If you are unsure where to find these, look on Google. There are a lot of online coupon sites. Another way to obtain them is to sign up for sites email mailing lists. Exclusive savings go out to them.

So there you have it; great savings at just a few steps away. Go out there and be smart shoppers!

Source by Joel Karma

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