Together We Prosper – And Divided?


The economic renaissance of the early nineties brought by liberation of Indian economy had a stupendous effect on the financial health of India. The Indian financial market was previously insulated from foreign investors and the whole scenario was like an isolated green house. This isolated section after liberalisation, thrown open for foreign investments. And with liberal economic policies (at par with the preachers of free economy) in operation large quantum of foreign direct investments or FDI started to flow into the Indian market.

The unprecedented rise in business activities and its subsequent rise in financial activities led to the need of proper and accurate  financing  for the corporate sectors of India. From it the the formation of  finance  community started granulating among businessman, investors and entrepreneurs. The formation of proper  finance  community enable these people to avail  finance  at lower rate and advice for proper and risk free investments with an eye for maximum returns.

Though Indian  Finance  community is on the path of restructuring, it relies on ready-to-use data, projections and informations on India’s economy. The projections or predictions regarding future-movements of the financial market are based on information and data collected from day to day activities of the  finance  market. The expert financial advisers of the  finance  community advices their clients after taking into consideration financial environment of the market along with important decisions taken by the Government . In this way, it can be said that the financial community compliments the financial health of the country.

Indian  finance  community’s focus has been on entrepreneurial clients, whether individuals or businesses, and on providing funding and investment in entrepreneurial activities. This aims to offers a complete solution to the members of the chain objectives through market research. Though late,  finance  community of India now has an extensive network of investors and funding institutions and group of corporate associates. So, it offers professional, personalised service and expertise both responsively and pro-actively.

Shaping of  finance  community is a must for any any country which targets growth rate more than 8% per annum. And in case of India, the diversification and sophistication of  finance  community is the call of the hour. These communities should focus on the provision of corporate advice and funding for Indian companies and budding investors who wish to take advantage of the liquidity of the Indian financial markets.

Following services should be offered by the communities to lead India on the path of double digit growth.

– Streamlined corporate  finance 

– Debt and equity funding advices to all budding investors

– Start up and Growth capital for business activities

– Pre-IPO and post IPO  finance  and advice as the Indian market is going to be flooded with Initial Public Offerings

– Real Estate sales and acquisition should be explained minutely

– Detail information regarding the company sales and acquisitions

The current environment for international business in India is more than heartening. With stupendous growth of more than 8% annually, improvement and stabilisation of relations with neighboring countries and record setting rise of its stock indexes, India is calling for the International attention an intensive manner. In such a circumstance the role of  finance  community is manifolded. Online technology, Inclusive approach and presence of financial experts should be compounded in these communities to lead Indian in the direction of unbound growth.

Source by Addi Vardhaman

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