Tomorrow Movie Is A Hit With Teens


Tomorrow When The War Began is a movie that has only recently been released in Australia and New Zealand. The movie is derived from the well known novel bearing the same name, which is the first from the Tomorrow series written by John Marsden, a popular writer in Australia.

John was inspired to write the series of novels because he was disappointed at the number of young teenage students who weren’t that interested in reading books. So he got the notion that he’d write books that would get them interested in reading again; books with plenty of action, adventure, a little romance, and that involved issues that teens could relate to.

He certainly succeeded; the Tomorrow series of books became very popular with young adult readers from when they were first published in 1993. The Australian government also recognized his brilliance as a writer by making his book, Tomorrow when The War Began a part of the English syllabus in Australian High Schools. What an honour it must be to him to have one of his books listed as part of the reading curriculum in High Schools.

Now the book has been made into a movie thanks to the writing skills of Stuart Beattie, who wrote the screen play. It has been a long time coming for fans of the book, who have been turning up in droves to see the movie. It has done very well at the box office in Australia so far. It was only released in September 2010 and has so far pulled in over $13.3 million dollars. Not bad for an Australian movie.

Other countries have now taken up distribution rights, so the movie will now be shown in Canada, Portugal, South Africa, Scandinavia, Russia and the United Kingdom.

This action packed movie starts off with seven teens going away on a camping trip before their school holidays finish and school starts up again. While they’re away they notice a squadron of planes flying overhead but don’t think a lot of it; the town is celebrating their annual Commemorative Day festivities while they are away, so they figure the planes must somehow be connected to the celebrations.

When they get back home, they are in for a big shock as they find their animals are weak from dehydration, their homes have been abandoned and there appears to be no power or phone reception. They soon discover the reason for all this is that their town has been invaded by an enemy force and their families have been taken captive by the enemy.

The movie then follows their decision to form a guerrilla army and fight back against the unidentified army. There are lots of action scenes mixed in with some soul searching by the group as they adjust to having to become soldiers themselves in order to thwart the enemy’s stronghold on their town.

Source by Yvonne A Davis

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