Top 10 Art Myths


1. You have to be born with a natural talent to create  art 

This has got to be the laziest excuse I have ever heard for not becoming an artist. Let me be perfectly clear. People are not born with natural artistic talents above anyone else. The reality is that as we grow we develop interests in other things and we focus our learning on those things. Historically we focus on those things that we need to learn in order to survive. We learn skills that we know we can use to make enough money to provide for our future families. Because of this, we never spend any time really focusing our attentions on creativity. The bottom line is this, everyone can become an artist if, and only if, they have a true desire to do so. The hard work, dedication and self confidence that it takes to become an artist tends to turn most people away. So, they use this excuse above all others.

2. If you don’t get a degree in  art , or go to an  art  school, you will never make a living as an artist.

I know lots of people that graduated  art  school. Not one of them has a career in  art . On the other hand, I know several people that have never had any former schooling at all, and they make a nice living as artists. It has nothing to do with the training you are given. Instead, it is the real life lessons that you learn and your passion for  art  help you succeed as an artist.

3. Being an artist isn’t a real job

Oh please. Let’s define a job as something that brings enough income for you to support your family. Let’s say Ed makes $30,000 a year working in the computer industry and Bill makes $30,000 a year working as an artist. Can you really believe that Bill does not have a real job?

4. I can’t be an artist; I can’t even draw a straight line

I have been a successful artist for over a decade and I can’t draw a straight line; at least not without a ruler. Yup, there it is. The key to the whole artist mystery is that you have to learn to use the right tools.  Art  is just like any other endeavor you choose to pursue, if you don’t use the right tools, you will never get the job done.

5. I’m too old to learn how to draw

Really? Tell that to the 80 year old man that decided to become a portrait artist. He couldn’t draw a picture to save his life. After a few weeks of study he started creating colored pencil portraits so realistic you couldn’t tell them from photographs. No. Dump that excuse right now because it simply does not wash.

6. I am disabled; I could never become an artist

Bring up your web browser and search for “disabled artist.” If the people in those websites can’t convince you, I never will.

7. It requires investing a lot of money to become an artist

First of all, there are so many free online tutorials for learning to be an artist that you will never have to spend money on books, lessons or classes. Second of all, you can create fantastic works of  art  using $15 worth of pencil drawing supplies.

8. I am not creative enough to become an artist

Creativity is not the key to becoming s successful artist. There are tons of places you can get creative ideas from. All you need to do is learn to use the tools and keep fueling your passion for  art .

9. Every work of  art  must be perfect

Let me tell you a little secret. No work of  art  is perfect. To paraphrase a famous film director, works of  art  are never completed, they are abandoned. If I considered every non perfect work of  art  I created to be a failure, I would never have sold a single piece.

10, Real  art  is only done with traditional methods.

By traditional methods I am referring to pencils, paints, canvases, paper and things like that. There is a world of  art  snobs out there that consider any work done with modern technology to be inferior and not real  art . That is ridiculous. Real  art  does not come from the medium that is used. Real  art  comes from the heart and soul of the artist. So use your computer if that is your medium. Use your camera to create grand works of  art . Use a yard rake on a sandy beach if you want. The important thing is to create your  art . If you don’t, you will be depriving that world of the beauty that is within you.

Source by MIchael Brinkley

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