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The top 10 art schools all have a few things in common. They all have a primary intent that is based around sculpture, photography, painting, illustration and other like-minded visual arts. Of course specific colleges will also focus on other art related subjects as well. This article will focus primarily on the top 10 art schools and any specific information respective to that school.

The List

This list of art schools is not given in any specific order and should be used as a broad measuring stick. The list could be used to assist you in your decision to apply to or attend a specific art school. This list includes:

School #1

Name: Royal Swedish Academy of Arts (Akademien för de fria konsterna)

Focus: Offers a variety of visual arts including building, sculpting and painting.

Location: Sweden

School #2

Name: Royal Academy of Arts

Focus: Offers a college level art education. An alternative to the Society of Artists.

Location: Piccadilly, London

School #3

Name: Iceland Academy of the Arts (Icelandic: Listaháskóli Íslands)

Focus: Offers a university level education in the arts.

Location: Iceland

School #4

Name: China Academy of Art

Focus: Offers Ph.D., master’s and bachelor’s degree programs. These are offered in film, multi-media, architecture, design and fine-arts. design, architecture, multi-media and film.

Location: China

School #5

Name: New School of Classical Art (NSCA)

Focus: Utilizes the Atelier Method of art instruction.

Location: Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA

School #6

Name: New York Academy of Art (Graduate School of Figurative Art)

Focus: At this writing the only accredited school of it’s kind in the world. Primary studies focus on the human figure. This is carried out with studies in drawing, painting, sculpture, art history and studying anatomy.

Location: NY,USA

School #7

Name: Cranbrook Academy of Art

Focus: Graduate school of design,art and architecture. Also included with the Cranbrook ducational Community

Location: Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA

School #8

Name: Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute

Focus: Self paced academic and research programs related to objects and issues surrounding an adaptable style of art.

Location: MA,USA

School #9

Name: Art Institute of Phoenix

Focus: Web design, interior design, graphic design and design advertising.

Location: Phoenix,AZ,USA

School #10

Name: California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture

Focus: Ceramic and Earth Art technologies

Location: CA,USA

In Summary

This article has presented a list of what many consider to be the top 10 art schools. For more information on any specific school we recommend you consult the school in question. Of course you can always seek the online route to getting an art education.

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