Top 2 Tricks to Increase Your MLM Leads


Are you in the initial stages of building your multi-level marketing strategies? Are you trying to capture free network marketing leads? When I was in the same stage, whenever I opened my mail box, I used to get all those attractive and provoking “top secret”, “trick” or “insider tip” from self-said guru’s and those messages made me believe that I am going to be successful in my multi-level marketing business if I managed to purchase their courses.

I spent my valuable money on these courses for getting those tips, tricks and secrets, though I did not get any results from most of them.

As I was moving forward in this path, I could find many others along with me facing all these same problems. Now, I know most of the multi-level marketing newbie marketers go through the same situation in their early days just in the same way that I went through.

So, let me help you to get free network marketing leads. The best tool in your toolbox and probably the most important thing in generating tons of network marketing leads is an attractively designed capture page.

You must have a clear understanding on building attractive capture pages if you want to generate more and more multi-level marketing leads. However, it’s not important to be a tech guru or anything like that. You can simply hire someone virtually or even physically to build your capture pages as per your need.

You might be proud to have thousands of LinkedIn connections and MySpace friends. But, if you don’t know to convert these prospects efficiently into network marketing leads, then these links and connections are of no use. So, build a winning capture page and convert these contacts into your multi-level marketing business leads.

You should design the capture page with the only aim of turning visitors into leads. You need to be very careful in avoiding even minor details that might divert the visitors to leave your page. Many newbie marketers try to make their capture page very informative by adding prolonged self introductions and lengthy personal stories. This is the biggest mistake that I see very often within multi-level marketing.

Your visitors should have two easy choices: 1) They provide contact information and wait eagerly on what to do next 2) They leave your capture page forever. There should be a fear factor involved in making these two decisions. If you consider and make use of this fear factor while designing your capture page, you get the actual “trick” for tripling you network marketing leads.

So, how do I get them to opting in to my capture page? Great question…

Now, get excited to learn how!

Tip 1: The Bribe

Your visitors should feel that they are going to get something valuable in return, for providing their contact information to you. You can specify something like “Newsletter”, “Free Report”, “Free Training” and so on. To be specific, they are providing their contact information for getting the free useful information. So, you should be successful in inducing them in such a way that they can’t manage to leave your page without opt-in. The more impressive your offer is the more multi-level marketing leads you will earn.

Spend enough time to polish what you really offer and provide it as the bribe. You should be able to enclose your actual offer in a great delivery packet, to make visitors feel that they would get much more than they really need. In short, over deliver your offers to convert your visitors into fans of your multi-level marketing business. In addition, you must offer solutions to their challenges within their business.

Tip 2: Make the visitors sightless

The one and only purpose of your capture page is to increase the number of network marketing leads. So, in your capture page there should not be any other option for your visitors except contact information. You should not give any chance to the visitors to leave your page due to adding hyperlinks or ads that turn off the focus from your offer on the capture page.

For example, if a visitor, who is going through your capture page, clicks on a link which leads to an entirely different page. If you plan to make him/her one of your network marketing leads, then you should be able to successfully bring him/her back to the first page, which is very difficult.

So, try to avoid this situation by making them sightless. To be more specific, they should not be able to leave your page unless they submit their contact details or click “back” button. There should not be any other link to leave the page. If you could successfully do this, you are going to get more network marketing leads for your MLM business.

Source by Jake Oliver

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