Top 4 Health Concerns of Men


Between men and women, the former is considered to be less conscious when it comes to taking care of  health . That is the reason why most men die at a younger age than women, even though both have similar  health  concerns. Let’s look at the most common  health  problems that men face in our time today.

First off, heart disease. Heart disease is considered to be the leading cause of death among men. According to some studies, three out of ten men are diagnosed with this condition. Heart disease is a result of unhealthy lifestyle, though men whose family have a history of the illness are at a higher risk to develop it than those who do not. Eating right and exercising regularly can greatly help in managing heart disease.

What is breast cancer for women is lung cancer for men. Lung cancer is considered as the deadliest cancer of all due to the fact that it has claimed more lives than all other kinds of cancer combined. Aside from being a result of smoking tobacco too much, lung cancer can also be acquired just by inhaling second-hand smoke. It is best to quit and stay away from people who love to puff in order to prevent this dreaded disease.

Type 2 diabetes is also on top of the list of  health  problems of men. It is a result of glucose building up in the blood. Common factors that result to diabetes include age and family history. These things cannot be controlled but by committing some major changes in your eating habits and your lifestyle as a whole, you can surely delay the onset of diabetes.

Next to lung cancer prostate cancer is known to be the most common cancer among men. The main cause of this type cancer is yet to be known according to experts but recently, some reports have claimed that the early stage of prostate cancer is curable. Prostate cancer is frightening since it doesn’t show signs and symptoms but it can be prevented if detected earlier.

Disease is inevitable especially for an aging man. Though that’s the case, diseases like cancer, diabetes and even stroke can be delayed if not prevented through a change of lifestyle. A visit to the doctor once every three months is also a good way to detect symptoms at an early stage.

Source by Amy M Chan

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