Top 8 Entertainment Apps For The iPhone


The iPhone is a very versatile smart phone that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, thanks to its extensive collection of over one hundred thousand third party applications on the iTunes marketplace.

Business owners and professionals use it to manage their work, time and plan all the tasks and projects they need to execute, store owners use it as a cash register and accounting tool (thanks to apps like Square), music lovers use it to identify tracks playing on the radio and find songs that are similar to those they like, and almost everyone uses it for entertainment, in one form or another.

Most commonly, entertainment on the iPhone means music, movies, games and losing track of time. According to that definition, here are the top 8 entertainment apps for the iPhone:

SlingPlayer Mobile. If you own one of Sling Media’s place shifting devices like the SlingBox (their most popular product, by the way), you’ll find this application very useful. It allows you to stream any TV show or movie that is currently airing, so you can watch on your iPhone everything that you used to watch at home. The interface is very nice and simple to use, and you can even use the app to control various feature of your DVR (SlingBox and the Apple TV), like recording on a pre set time or viewing what’s already been recorded. is one of the best online sites for listening to radio and music. They have over 5 million tracks, from every genre possible, so you will definitely find something to your liking. The iPhone application allows you to listen to music wherever you are, as long as you have access to the Internet (via a 3G or Wifi network). You’ll need a account, of course. While listening, you can view artist and album information, find any upcoming concerts and tickets and share your songs and playlists with your friends. Also, the more you listen, the better the application knows what you like and recommends anything similar to the songs you like.

Need for Speed Shift. This is one of the most popular racing games for any platform, and it needs no introduction. Many of us have grown playing one version of Need for Speed after another. Shift is a great racing game for the iPhone with beautiful graphics (EA Games says they’re the best, but I think that title goes to Real Racing HD, which is barely playable on the iPhone because it’s designed for the iPad). The controls are great (they had a couple of years and game editions to refine them) and the cars and tracks are pretty good, too. In fact, the whole experience is very similar to that on a PC, and if you played it there, you can easily pick this game up and continue the race.

Colorix. Colorix is a very interesting and beautifully made puzzle game for the iPhone and Android platforms. It is basically like Tetris only instead of falling blocks you are given rolling orbs, which look very good. The game uses the touch screen and accelerometer for controls and one can play it over and over again without getting tired of it. If you play it for hours, especially in the dark, you may start thinking that the orbs will fall on the floor, so be careful:-).

Cogs. This application is a very nice mix between a game and some sort of pseudo learning manual for starting engineers. It is great for your brain, that’s for sure. You play the role of an inventor (engineer or builder, call it whatever you want) and are given various parts like springs, pipes, gears, etc. to build a working machine in a limited amount of time. You can also play it without the time limit and build whatever you want. It is very interesting, and would make a great addition to anyone’s iPhone.

Asphalt 5. Asphalt is another great racing game, and the 5th version is the best one released yet. The reason I included it here along with Need for Speed is that this game has a lot of nice cars that are not present in NFS. The rest is pretty similar: beautiful 3D graphics, good controls, sounds and various tracks. It is a great addition for anyone who likes racing games and is tired of Need for Speed.

Zen Bound. This is a very relaxing game where you wrap wooden sculptures with rope. Despite the premise sounding a bit boring, it is a great game for relaxation, thinking and meditation. As you slowly wrap the rope, you can think of anything you want or about nothing at all.

Eliss. Eliss is a very strange game with a lot of mixed reviews. My opinion is that while it looks ugly and boring, it is an amazing game that truly uses the multi touch feature of the iPhone to its full extent. The game play is basically arranging planets using all your fingers at once so that they don’t touch or cross paths. It certainly isn’t for everyone, that’s why there is a free version that you can try out, then buy the full one if you like it.

The iPhone is a great gaming and entertainment platform, and hundreds of thousands of people are using it just for this purpose every day. Of course, where there’s demand, there’s a supply, and the iTunes marketplace has literally tens of thousands of apps that are aimed at entertainment. There are also a lot of amazing games available, and you should definitely go to the marketplace and try some of them out.

Source by Craig Thornburrow

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