Top Actors of Our Past


There are a few actors in the industry of   bollywood  who have remained etched in the minds of the audience. This has made them some of the best actors of our time. Here are a list of the best  bollywood  actors for you.

Dilip Kumar- he is one of the few actors who made it big in the industry. He gave  bollywood  movies the magnum opus of time immemorial- Mughal-e-azam. This is one movie that has shown the tremendous performance of the actor. He has also more than 100 movies in his name and is my all time favorite actor.

Raj kapoor- he is a world wide-known actor and a film maker who has the passion that is needed to do it. He has made and whittled out a brand name which has been held up by three generations now. His children and grand children have followed the same path as his and made history.

Rajesh Khanna- he is one of the best actors in  bollywood . He had a fan following that anyone would die for, even his male counterparts. He is known to have received letters written in blood and had a loyal fan base. Is has looks to kill and has been used on the silver screen just to do that.

Dev Anand- he is the finest actor in  bollywood  and has made a huge amount of contribution to the Indian cinema. His full name of Dharam Dev Anand is known to few today. He is also a film maker and a director and has earned awards for his work. The actor gave a huge hit with Insaniyat in which he worked along-side with Dilip Kumar and also Kala Pani for which he got the best actor award of that year.

Thus, the industry has been producing many actors who have made history and will keep on doing so.

Source by Jessica N King

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