Top Five Teen Movies of the 1990’s


Whether you are a movie buff with a library of DVDs and the latest HD flat screen TV, or a casual viewer with nothing more than a Blockbuster membership card, you can usually admit one thing: a love of teen movies. Though they may not take home the awards or win critical praise, teen  movies  offer us hours of  entertainment , while helping us to relive those awkward high school days. Some fans may argue that John Hughes’ classics from the 1980s are the best of the genre, but truth be told, the 1990s were a golden age for teen films. Whether viewed in high definition or on an old VHS, these movies are sure to bring you back to the good old days.

On that note, we all know there’s no better way to spend a dateless Friday at home than in front of your TV, freshly popped popcorn in hand and a lineup of your favorite 90s teen hits on queue. Don’t have an extensive movie collection at home? Consider investing in satellite TV, which offers a broader selection of viewing options and allows you to watch your favorite teen flicks with just a click of the remote.

To help with your next movie night, here are our five favorite teen movies from the 1990s:

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead (1991)- Christina Appelgate stars in one of her first roles as an older sister forced to take care of her siblings for the summer after their appointed babysitter unexpectedly dies. In need of money, she lies about her age and credentials to get hired at a fashion company, and ends up learning some tough lessons about the real world.

Dazed and Confused (1993) – Featuring Ben Affleck and Mathew McConaughey, this teen classic takes place on the last day of school in 1976. Nothing says “teen movie” like lots of beer, good friends and a great rock soundtrack.

Clueless (1995) – No list of teen movies could be complete without this Amy Heckerling cult classic. The role of Cher, the loveable bimbo from Beverly Hills, made Alicia Silverstone famous and had teen girls all over saying “whatever.”

Scream (1996) – The flick that reignited the horror movie craze, Scream had us all double-checking the locks and jumping at the sight of a Halloween mask. Neve Campbell reigned as the horror movie queen of the 1990s, and while there may have been three in the series, the original is by far the best.

American Pie (1999) – The quest to lose one’s virginity is a plot line every teen guy can relate to. This hilarious comedy follows a group of high school friends as they attempt to do just that. We couldn’t help but laugh at the awkward antics of Jim, or get mushy when sports star Oz actually falls in love. The film’s mix of vulgarity and heart is hard to resist.

Source by John R. Harrison

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