Top Five Tips On Making It In Entertainment


If you are one of the many people hoping for a career in  entertainment  then we know how difficult it can be to stay motivated and make your mark. Whether you have ambitions as an actor, singer, dancer or model there are lots of ways that you can help to maximise your chances. Here are some of our top five pieces of advice on how to approach your career in  entertainment .

Enjoy yourself. Don’t lose sight of why you started on your path to making it in  entertainment . Creative work should be fun above all else and you will produce your best results when you approach it as something you enjoy. Taking yourself too seriously can cause unnecessary stress and drain you of the star quality that everyone is looking for, so stay positive and avoid a ‘make or break’ attitude.

Get organised. The small things can really make a difference to how you run your life and career so get on top of the nuts and bolts and it will really help you to focus on the areas that need attention. Get back to basics – stay fit and healthy, keep your home and work place tidy, balance your books and contribute to your relationships. When you feel that these things are in order you will find that you have more mental freedom and confidence which will ultimately improve each performance.

Be reliable. No one reacts well to broken promises and let downs so if you say you’ll do something make sure you do it. Actions speak louder than words and in a competitive industry it will benefit you greatly to build a reputation as a performer who can be relied upon.

Don’t gossip. As an artist starting out it may feel that people won’t notice your grumbles or dramas with others in the business; but the industry is not as big as you think. With this in mind avoid getting into any negativity. Communicate clearly to avoid misunderstandings and try to avoid idle gossip as you never know who’s feathers you may ruffle.

Work hard. We we all have to work to achieve the life we dream about, generally nothing comes easy. Don’t expect things to fall into place without a lot of dedication or you may well be disappointed. Perseverance is an essential trait if you wish to make it into  entertainment .

Source by Suzy A O’Connor

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