Top Jobs and Careers – Market Demand in 2013


A STEEP analysis is the perfect tool for analysing job market trends, making intelligent, informed career choices and plannng a successful future – ensuring you don´t pursue a career that disappears without warning or leads to a dead end!

S ociological aspects

– as people are living longer, there are more in the older age group, increasing the demand for products and services geared towards the elderly

– the growth of two income families has increased the need to save time, and make things easier and faster to use

– home shopping and internet services have reduced the number of retail jobs, although as people love the shopping experience the retail industry will continue with fewer staff

– this means web based jobs, home helps, nursing home carers, healthcare providers and medical insurers will grow

T echnological aspects

– technology has made many jobs involving repetitive tasks obsolete; for example, punch card operators, typists, typesetters and, with the introduction of self service scanners, check-out operators

– the internet has revolutionised the sales channels – putting manufacturers and service providers directly in touch with consumers: the middle man is being sidelined and those jobs will only survive if they provide added value

– manufacturing, web-based jobs and back office functions such as technical support, accountancy and customer service have been moved to English speaking low labour cost countries – India, China, Taiwan

– the need to save time and make life easier in the home is increasing the use of technology in the home in terms of online training courses for adults and children, researching information, ordering food and non food products, reading newspapers

– the decrease in retailing will increase the demand for delivery services – drivers, couriers, distribution and airline workers

– this means that on site jobs requiring face to face interaction, skill or creativity – writers, TV producers, inventors, strategists, carpenters, plumbers, physicians, dentists, electricians, car mechanics, hair stylists and construction workers will grow in demand

E conomic

as the world becomes increasing competitive, the need for organisations to be more efficient, effective and economic grows rising energy prices will increase the cost of materials and services energy saving products and recycling initiatives will create a new industry and increase jobs in this field

E nvironment

there is an increasing need to save energy and protect the environment, and this is driving the need to create jobs for environmental health workers

P olitical

the European Community has opened up job opportunities for people from many different countries and this will increase the competition for jobs – particularly for unskilled less well paid work such as housekeepers, cleaners, waitresses, domestic support and labourers

Top 10 Skills Shortages in the UK

Skilled manual trades

Administrative Assistants and PAs


Sales Representatives


  Management  / Executives

Accounting and  Finance  staff

Chefs / Cooks



Careers of the future

The following is a list of those careers most likely to be in demand for the foreseeable future:

Technology: Programmer, Internet Specialist, Systems Analyst, Network and Cable Engineer, Web Designer, Copywriter, SEO, Web Host Provider, Telecommunication Technicians

Creative: Writer, Editor, Journalist, Designer, Photographer, Interior Designer

Healthcare: Surgeon, Doctor, Consultant, Dentist, Hygienist, Dental Assistant

Nurses and ancillary healthcare workers, Nursery Nurse, Child Carer, Home Carers,

Physiotherapist, Psycho-analyst, Nutritionist

Professional: MPs, Local government, Public Servants, Lawyer, Solicitor, Barrister, Court official, Veterinary Surgeon, Chartered Engineer

Commercial: Analyst, Accountant, Financial Adviser, Auditor, HR Business Partner,

PR Marketing: Brand Manager, Social Media Consultant, Business – Change Manager, Managing Director, Business Strategist, Recruitment Consultant, Headhunter, Business Development Manager, Market Researcher, Advertising Executive, Corporate Event Organiser

Beauty industry: Hairstylist, Beauty Therapist, Nail Technician, Fashion Models

Travel, Leisure and Entertainment: Life Coach, Career Coach, Airline crew, ground staff, Hotel and restaurant staff, Sports people, Exercise Coach

Sales: Buyer Merchandiser, Salesperson

Teacher: University Lecturer, Teacher, Teaching Assistant

Entertainment: Dancer, Broadcaster, TV Producer and Director, Actor, Musician, Theatre

Security: Security, Police, Anti-Terrorist Specialist, Prison Workers

Construction: Surveyor, Architect, Construction Workers, Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineers, Plumber, Carpenter and associated trades, Driver, Delivery person, Taxi Driver, Chauffeur

Your choice of future career

It is not easy to build a career to last throughout your working life, but your future success really does depend on how well you prepare yourself and the decisions you take now.

We hope the foregoing will help you to avoid some of the pitfalls in choosing the best job; however, the most important aspect – and one all too often overlooked – is to choose a career that not only has a future but is one that you are interested in and will enjoy.

Source by Helga Ann Edge

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