Top Six Benefits of Solar Panels


Global Warming is one of the major concerns of today’s world. It is clear to all that a number of factors are responsible for this problem. Fossil fuel is one of those causes, which is the number one source of generating electricity. If you can refrain yourself from using fossil fuel generated electricity, it will be a great psychological relief for you as you are not intensifying the global warming. Now, you may ask a question – “how is it possible?” Yes, it is possible. Just use the power of sunlight, install a solar panel on the roof of your house.

Now, the question is “what is a solar panel?” Simply, a solar panel combines a number of solar cells which absorbs the power of the sun. Also, there is a battery connected to it. Usually, silicon is the main raw material in producing a solar cell. A small cell may generate a very little amount of electricity, but when you assemble them, these small amounts will certainly be larger. A battery stores the electric current. Make connections between the battery and your electronic devices like TV, bulbs, AC, and PC or Laptop. Now, your duty is to make sure that the solar panel is getting enough exposure to sunlight. If everything is okay, just enjoy!

Installing a solar panel on the roof of your house will certainly decrease or even exclude your electric bill. Let’s have a look at the benefits you can get from a solar panel:

1. Uninterrupted electric supply, no matter whether the national grid produces adequate amount of electricity or not.

2. Have you ever seen that someone is paying a bill to sun for its light? This is absolutely free.

3. We all know that this is the most Eco-friendly power generation process. So, you are totally free from the guilty feeling of your contribution to the global warming.

4. The value of your property will undoubtedly be increased if you setup a solar panel on the roof of your house.

5. Even, it is possible to earn a handsome income if you can generate a surplus amount and sell them to your neighbors.

6. Finally, you can get a tax exemption from the local government in return for your Eco-friendly attitude.

Now you know how a solar panel works and what are the benefits you can get from it. So, you are going to install it on the roof of your house. Right? You have two options in your hand. Firstly, you can hire a professional who knows everything about the technology. If you hire a professional, you will have to pay for a considerable amount of money.

So, you can think of the second option i.e. install by yourself. Undoubtedly, this second option will save your pocket. Solar panel is not so complicated technology as people think. As there are usable solar cells available in the market, you need not to know the nuts and bolts of the technology. Firstly, estimate the amount of electricity you need. Secondly, estimate how many panels necessary to generate that amount. Once you do these two steps, you are almost okay. Just go to your local market, bring the estimated number of panels and install them. Oh! Don’t forget to take the manual from the producer.

Source by Shiful Alam

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