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This is a spin off from Doctor Who. Jack was killed off, resuscitated and abandoned sometime in the future but inexplicably we now find him safely back in the present leading ‘Torchwood’ an organisation which investigates and deals with inexplicable phenomena (like X-Files).

John Barrowman, whose guest appearances on Doctor Who added a fun and humorous element to the show, seems to only be able to truly shine while in the presence of a Doctor. And while his fake American accent is fine in small doses on Doctor Who, in Torchwood the extended use gets very annoying very quickly. Plus his story is mishandled, his missing two years which played an important motivation for his character in the Empty Child are not addressed at all. And the rest of the characters are unlikable and two dimensional at best.

But personally, the most disappointing aspect of the show is its billing as adult-oriented. The throwing in of some swearing and sex doesn’t make it adult when the script is simplistic, juvenile and utterly lacking in any of the intelligence, edge or wit needed to raise it to the level of a genuine adult drama, it simply comes across as a kids show suitable for Saturday mornings than anything else.

Now, shows like Battlestar Galactica (the new one) manage to come across as adult through intelligent, layered scripts, which, if the need arises, include sex, violence and the rest, whereas Torchwood seems to have stapled these excesses on.

The other problem with this show is the overwhelming, dreadful music, which is not only awful in its own right but any kind of atmosphere or tension is more often than not blared out by the terrible, dated, cheesy techno.

The only thing that impresses me about the show are the special effects, which are actually decent but on the whole not worth keeping your eyes open for an hour.

Source by Tom F Dawkings

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