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How I got into Tram  Art .

I’ve always loved oil painting. Ever since I was a young boy I loved painting landscapes. The richness of the oil colours and the freedom to create a scene in my imagination has always kept me enthusiastically painting.

Painting trams however is a relatively recent subject for me. It has been two years now that I have been enjoying tram  art .

What makes painting trams so interesting to me?

I’ve had an interesting in trams for years. From their interesting colour schemes, design and shape, I have found a great deal of scope for painting. However the aspect I most enjoy about tram  art  is the environments which the trams ran and still run in. Trams are at home in city streetscapes which are full of life. A few of the interesting aspects of Tram  Art  include the surrounding road vehicles, buildings and people.

Painting historic or contemporary trams.

My personal preference falls with painting antique trams. I find painting trams in period scenes really exciting with all the elements of period costumes, vehicles, signs to be all very interesting.

I have found that a lot of research is needed to recreate a period street scene to get the details as accurate as possible. This part of Tram  Art  is just as enjoyable to me as the painting of the final picture. I find that I learn a lot by painting a picture of a particular period, place or tram.

I also have a particular interest in creating paintings of lost photographic opportunities. I have often read about an interesting historical event that took place on a certain tramway system which unfortunately was never recorded visually with a camera. If the research is done well, I find that the event can be recreated visually through Tram  Art .

Many fantastic black and white photographs exist of trams from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. They portray vital visual information about the period but one important element is missing, colour. We can see what shape a tram is, how it sits and reacts with its environment but we can’t see what colour it is in these photos. This is where Tram  Art  can help.

Unfortunately on the other hand, the lack of colour photographs from the period can make an artist’s research and re-creation of a scene much more difficult and accuracy isn’t always assured.

What inspires me?

Looking at photos of old trams and scenes is really enjoyable for me. Sometimes I find an unusual photograph where the photographer has captured something unique. Sometimes the photographer has found a unique angle to capture a scene and I often find it interesting to portray my tram  art  in a similar way. I often adapt the angle to a completely unique scene and this often works well.

I enjoy ready tram related articles and books and I often find myself visualizing what I read in the absence of a photograph. Unfortunately in many cases, photographs are non-existent. This sometimes forms the basis of an interesting painting idea. I then have to go about sketching until I develop something I like. Often I don’t and the idea dies.

Enjoying Tram  Art  with fellow artists.

Something that I really think has enriched the experience for me is being able to share my  art  with like minded artists. Using the internet, I have been able to make contact with other artists with an interest in Tram  Art  and share ideas. Several groups exist where you can share paintings and view other’s work. Flickr, Redbubble are just a few sites I have found that contain Tram  art .

Enjoy your  art !

Joseph Spinella

Source by Joseph Spinella

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