Transformers 2 – The Movie


Alright all you Autobot and Decepticon fans, the long wait is soon to be well paid off. The sequel to the first Hollywood made “Transformers, The Movie” will soon be out on the movie screens at a theatre near you.

But wait… if I too have not seen the movie, then what and why am I bringing this topic up in this article?

Well, it turns out that right from the first movie screened earlier, “Transformers: The Movie” did not seem to accurately depict what I persoanlly felt should have been portaryed based on the cartoon show (or even the comics version) we already know so well.

Let’s recap a little right now:

a) In the comic or cartoon version (yes, even in the Japanese manga version), the Autobots were forced to vacate their home planet, Cybertron, as it was slowly eaten and destroyed by the planet eater, Unicron (and yes, the Decepticons followed along as well). This was not depicted in the movie that was shown on screen.

b) The whole gang had actually arrived on board their individual space craft while fleeing Cybertron millions of years ago and thus crash landed on Earth. In the movie version, they seemed to have arrived by “transforming” themselves as meteorites in order to enter our planet.

c) This issue I am personally particular about: their looks and appearance. I mean…come on… everyone knows that Bumble Bee can speak, right? And he was supposed to be disguised as a Volkswagon Beetle series, and not some sports Camero (or whatever). And the movie version looks quite horrid in terms of their experience. Too “boxy” in appearance and I wished their faces could have been more humanoid looking.

Any comments on the above?

Till then, let’s wait and see what the coming movie sequel will thrill us with. In the mean time, we’ve got some games lined up at the side for free. Go try them out!

“Transform and Roll Out!”

Source by Gary Ng

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