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26 years passed since Transformers first appeared on Television. It all started with toys for children. Evil Decepticons and defenders of all good Autobots. Over the past decade, Transformers has become more than just a toy line, countless comic books and TV series, movies and video games have been released. All of which were successful. Kids from all over the world, and not just kids, everyone knows about endless battles between Optiums prime and Megatron. Several generations of TV series expanded into movie franchise. Transformers the movie 1 and movie 2 have become even more popular then TV series.

Mind Blowing Hollywood style spec-effects and Megan Fox guaranteed success for the movie; in fact the movie box office was astronomical. It was Over 319 Mln. USD Domestic total gross + global over 390 Million USD, total 709+ Million USD, First weekend only – over 109 Million USD. Only the opening weekend is more around 7.5 Million USD. Second movie was a total blast, over 402 Million USD Domestic and up to 435 Million USD Global, total 836+ Million USD. It would be a serious understatement to address Transformers as one of the best of its own kind. Transformers had unparalleled success in every media release, even despite the shallowness of the plot and practically nonexistent storyline. Transformers is an amazing movie. It delivers exactly what the original Transformers fans expected to. Smashing up Cities left and right changing the shape of the planet with just a single swings and Megan Fox.

In all honesty Michael Bay didn’t disappoint us; there wasn’t a single dull moment in the movie, it was nostalgic and futuristic at same time. Although movie definitely had some silly moments like “Sam” a teenage boy without any special ability, just a teenage boy managed to kill Megaton THE Ultimate evil. Also there were confusions in fights scenes. It was difficult to see who was shooting who. Despite the ultra high quality CG and robot details, It was really difficult to tell who was who in the middle of battle and sometimes not just in battles.

Transformers the game was another successful transformation. It’s a pretty straight forward action game with some cool fight scenes (probably the reason why anyone would want to play Transformers) interesting and innovative missions where you actually NEED to transform into vehicles, cool soundtracks, interactive environment which is fully destructible, and of course some crazy melee actions involving unique abilities of Transformers.

Source by Megan Forester

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