True Grit, What Does The Movie True Grit Have to Do With Your Business?


Have you ever watched either one of the True Grit movies? The first movie stared the “man’s man” John Wayne as an old gritty sheriff that went after the killer of a young girls father. The second time was the remake staring Jeff Bridges. Both movies were the showed what true grit means. It means going after something and never stopping.

So what does true grit have to do with your business? You must have it. Determination and grit are necessary in order to develop a business. That never quit attitude is the most important thing that you can have when you start developing your business.

Most people quit before they get to the gold. I remember reading a book where someone stopped mining for gold. They sold the gold mine to someone just two feet short of the mother load. So many people just give up because it gets too tough for them.

There are three things needed to succeed in business. They are posture, skill, and consistency. Posture has to do with your confidence. Are you a confident person? Such skills can be learned by what you put into your brain. We are programmed from the time we were small children. Confidence may not be programmed into us, but we can learn it by what we watch, read, and listen to. Stop listening to the news and stop watching all the cop shows on television. That is a great way to start. It’s also easy. You just have to stop doing something. Start filling your brain with positive things. Listen to positive CD’s and go places that help you with your confidence. Go to places like Toastmasters. They will help your confidence level.

Then there’s skill. You need to learn skill to do any kind of a job or business. One of the reasons people will not be successful is they don’t have the skill set necessary to be successful. That means you need to go out and find the skill necessary. No one is going to give you the skill to do a direct marketing business. It’s something you have to learn and it can be difficult.

The last is consistency. This is where the true grit part comes in. If you have a bad day and everything seems to be going wrong, do you give up or just keep going? This it the true test. Will you be consistent when it seems like all is lost? If you have posture and skill it really doesn’t matter unless you can be consistent.

Out of the three requirements that you need to be successful consistency by far is the best skill you can ever acquire. That means you need to have true grit.

Source by Sandy Zalecki

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