Try a Hollywood Diet?


The Hollywood Diet, often known as the ’48-hour miracle diet’ is advertised on night television several times. It claims that if you stick to this diet, then you can be assured of losing 5 to 15 pounds in two days. The secret of this diet is a specially formulated juice drink, which helps you in burning fat by stimulating your metabolism.

The Hollywood Miracle Diet claims that one can lose 10 pounds within 48 hours. It may be is quick as it claims, but not a dependable technique for weight loss. It is a typical juice fast diet. Although, juice fasts, fruits and tonics are good for health, they cannot provide the required energy to people who do more physical work.

Hollywood Diet Miracle Juice contains fruits, blend of vitamins, essential oils, minerals, and antioxidants which are scientifically formulated. The main purpose of this miracle juice is to cleanse and detoxify the digestive system and to help in restoring the mineral and biochemical balance in the body.

With other rapid weight-loss programs, you may end up with loss of water rather than of fats which is not a healthy sign. These weight-loss diet plans are not the answer to your question – how to lose weight. Hollywood Miracle Diet is the right answer to your queries. It contains good quality tonics, cleansing and detoxifying agents which help you to lose weight without any side effects, so you must give it a try for sure.

However, the Hollywood Diet comes in the category of ‘urban myth’ and does not carry any special eating plan or boost comprehensive nutrition. While on Hollywood diet juice plan, one should avoid the intake of caffeine, smoking, and alcohol. For the dieter, food is not allowed with the juice, so juice is the only source of nutrition for two days. This juice claims of containing 100 percent of important vitamins and minerals which is one’s daily requirement and enzymes and other botanical extracts as well.

Hollywood Diet: One More Fad Diet:

The shelves of the stores are full of different fad diets. People, who follow a correct diet plan, shun these fad diets. The Hollywood diet is also a fad diet which one should refrain from. You may get the desired results following this diet, but that would last only for a small period and moreover, it will be due to unhealthy calorie control. An average person needs 2000 calories per day but against this, the Hollywood Diet provides only 500 calories per day. Keeping yourself starved is always an easy way to lose weight. People, who follow this diet, feel tired, weak, find it difficult to concentrate, and are generally not happy.

After following this diet plan, no body would like to return to the square one position and again gain weight. Always keep in mind that there are no miracle diets and you cannot get long-lasting success with them. A moderate part of everything, such as carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and minerals should remain a part of your daily diet to make you feel energetic along with losing weight. Only following the right nutritional principles can lead to a good health control of weight and it may take years to achieve this and not days, as the Hollywood Diet claims.

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