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I recently read an online article by Eric Chabrow on CIO Insight titled “Computer Jobs Hit Record High”. While there can be negative news about employment readily available, I thought I’d share with you some signs of a sector with strong economic numbers that might bode well for you and your sales.

The article states “unemployment among computer-related jobs hovers near historic lows as the U.S. information technology workforce tops 4 million for the first time.”

It also says that “the number of workers employed by IT services firms rose by 56,100 this past year to 1,414,400, a 4.1 percent increase, according to last month’s BLS establishment survey of some 160,000 businesses and government agencies covering about 400,000 worksites.”

So what does all this mean?

Chabrow writes: “Why would IT employment remain robust as unemployment rises in most other job categories? IT performs a critical role in business productivity, and the efficiencies it brings are crucial for employers looking to trim costs — including payrolls — as fuel and related expenditures soar and the economy and dollar weakens. In addition, companies today cannot operate without functioning IT systems, so certain business technology skills cannot be eliminated if a company wants to remain competitive.”

Furthermore, “The increase in IT services employment reflects the continuing need by companies for outsourcers to manage corporate IT infrastructures as well as provide hard-to-find but needed skills to develop and support new applications and systems.”

Again, the quote is — reflects the *continuing need by companies for outsourcers* to manage corporate IT infrastructures.

Besides this good news there are at least a couple of take-aways:

* First, look at ways you can further increase business productivity. Chances are some of your clients are going to trim costs. Help them by making sure there is a technology solution that is going to help them stay efficient.

* Second, it is a good sign that payrolls at IT service firms are growing. It’s a sign that many of your customers are looking to save on cost by outsourcing to companies like yours.

From a marketing standpoint I would suggest having your sales reps use the data I’ve quoted to ask questions about future plans, cost cutting measures, etc. Help them plan by being part of the solution.

The other item from a marketing standpoint is that you can create topics around these data points having to do with saving money, cutting cost, and staying ultra productive and efficient.

Source by Ramon Vela

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