TV War – Competition Between Cable & Satellite TV


The television entertainment industry is facing a stiff competition as companies fight each other out to provide the best TV services to consumers. TV service provider companies are trying everything to make their package the most interesting for consumers. Today, television entertainment has scaled new heights with quality pictures delivered in high definition, hundreds of channels to choose from and new   technologies  introduce from time to time. For a consumer or a viewer, no matter you are a TV maniac or just a moderate viewer, the TV services available today will surely attract your attention. Judging from what we see in cable TV, we can be sure that there are good things coming. Cable TV has been increasing their numbers of channel and making a lot of improvement in the technical support services to ensure that their customers get the best TV experience.

The growing of the TV industry is mainly driven by the introduction of new  technologies . The change in transmission  technology  from analog transmission to digital transmission has played a big role in making TV entertainment so surprisingly interesting. With digital transmission, TV viewing experience has been lifted greatly. When TV was still using analog transmission, it was already considered as a great source of entertainment and information. With digital transmission, it would make TV a super appliance. The digital  technology  is able to surpass the analog  technology  by delivering more channels, great picture quality, and stable transmission and solve the problem of bandwidth limitations. Furthermore, the new  technology  could provide organize channels selection and interactive TV plus various viewing options.

With so many channels to choose from, viewers would sometimes feel confused if they want to know what channels is playing what programs at a certain time. With the digital  technology , viewers will be able to know the programs that are broadcasted in each channel with ease because the digital receiver will be able to bypass this problem with a digital program guide. With this program guide, viewers could see the advanced listing of programs which will be played in a few days to come. Parents will also be happy with the parental control of this new  technology . They will be in total control of what their children is watching. Therefore, they can leave their children in front of the TV with a peace of mind while they do their work.

As mentioned, the new digital  technology  has benefited TV viewers the most by spoiling them with choices. The wide range of channels covers comedy, sports, events, dramas, movies, documentaries, entertainment and many more. Besides that, viewers can also get programs in different language. There is just no limit to what a viewer can choose from the current  technology . The best thing is, viewers could watch all these programs in high definition TV. Cable TV has been putting a lot of work to use the digital  technology  to enhance the viewing options for their customers. The have their newly introduce On-Demand Television. So, people can choose whatever time to see the program depending on their liking.

In conclusion, the TV companies have been taking things seriously by providing better TV entertainment and information making TV a very reliable source of knowledge. In addition of the digital  technology  nowadays, it would be hard to imagine someone living without the services of digital TV.

Source by Teddy Low

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