TVI Express – Does it Really Work?


Many people have started talking about Travel Ventures International, also known as TVI Express. Although they’ve been on the scene since the beginning of 2009, a lot of people are just now hearing about them. As a company that specializes in the travel industry, they are obviously in a very lucrative field. Travel accounts for billions of dollars being spent every year, and positioning yourself within a good company can go a long ways. So what exactly can TVI do for you? Does it really work?

The first thing you should know about TVI is that it is a direct sales company within the travel industry. They have taken advantage of three huge trends to position themselves for massive success: travel, the internet, and home-based business. Travel is one of those things that everyone has to have on occasion. The need to get away from it all is important in this hectic time we live in. The internet is obviously the most powerful marketing tool in the world as it can reach anyone at any time. It will work 24 hours a day for you and will never stop. The home-based business arena has grown rapidly in recent years. With the way the economy has been, billions of people are looking for something to get them out of the rat race. Even making a few hundred extra dollars per month could go a long way for most people. TVI Express has taken advantage of all three of these amazing trends and packaged them into one business for its distributors.

So what is different about TVI Express compared to all of the other companies out there? Probably the biggest difference is in the way you earn. Instead of a typical setup, you are placed into a matrix called the Travelers Board. All it takes is two people coming in directly below you to become qualified for the Express Board. Once you’re there, you have the ability to earn $15,000 in a very short period of time. A big advantage of this company is that the people above you place new enrollments below you. In order for them to succeed, they need you to succeed. Therefore, a team concept is necessary in order for everyone to succeed.

The cost to become a distributor is only $250. You pay this one time and you’re done. There are no ongoing payments, no products to buy, or services to subscribe to. You just pay the fee once and you’re good to go. On top of that, they actually throw in a free week vacation to a five-star resort. It’s not one of those “free” vacations that come with a timeshare tour or something like that either. It’s just a relaxing week away from life at unbelievable accommodations. Could it get any easier than that?

To answer the original question, TVI does undoubtedly work. It works in a big way and it works over and over again. Some people cycle through to the $15,000 payout within a matter of weeks. With the help of a team, it really couldn’t be any easier.

Source by Luke Arthur

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