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TVI Express Review is it the path to success. In current marketing industry, the frequently asked question by people is “What is MLM?” In relation to this, many people keep on probing its legal basis. Thus, it is results for the MLM concept to be misunderstood since lots of people think of it as a scam. On the other hand, it is an undeniable fact that MLM has been an answer for many in their financial aspect of living. It serves as an income provider that is why many decided to engage their selves to this kind of marketing. To add up, there are lots of MLM Companies that are starting to establish their names in the marketing industry. One of those companies is TVI Express which has popped out of nowhere.

A top tier travel and hospitality company with a home base in London was founded in early 2009. That company is TVI Express. TVI stands for Travel Venture International.. It was launched in India which then opened in China. After having tremendous success they launched worldwide around July of 2009. The Company has already grown to roughly 190,000 representatives worldwide. TVI Express claims that their company has a great leadership and is a great business model. Though the company has simple mission, it is considered an authentic one – “To inspire people to help others making a positive change in their lives.”

TVI has a revolving matrix compensation plan. This uses two different 2 by 3 matrices. The first is referred to as the Traveler board and the second it the Express board.  

To get started with the business, you have to buy a travel voucher which is $250. This voucher is for a 7 day and 6 night stay good at a 3-5 star hotel. By doing so, you will get your own company website and a back office for free as you exit the Board. When all positions are filled up, the board then splits. You are not required to personally sponsor two people. Those two people can be excess sales made by someone on your team. When you exit  the Traveler Board, you will then be positioned at level 1 of the Express Board. An instant $10,000 will be credited on your Online Wallet as you exit the Express Board. To add up, for you to make another $10,000 in a revolving fashion, you will get a re-entry into the Express Board. In addition to the $10,000 cash you will also receive a travel voucher worth $5,000 which you can use with TVI exclusive travel.

The opportunity that TVI offers is beyond compare to what other companies have. On the surface to be involved with TVI is it a good thing to be in. It introduces a team concept to the business world. So, to really succeed on this venture, you have to learn how to work with a team. Don’t jump into this with a attitude that you will not have to work because at the end of the day you will need good marketing skills and you will have to work to make this succeed. 

If you learn the proper marketing skills and that goes even if you want to build it online or offline.  Chances are if you are reading this article you want to build online and as such it takes a good training program and skill set to really make this work for you.  Learn to attract the right people to your business and get people chasing you instead of you chasing them.

Source by Kenny Gregg

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