Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married, Too – Movie Review


Hold on, Why Did I Get Married, Too is not only for its intended audience. Better yet, I’m sure its intended audience is for all cultures, it just happens to be starring and created by Tyler Perry, who is known for his African-American and Church going aimed projects. Starring Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson this movie continues the unprecedented success of Tyler Perry who has had continued to create project after project that provide great profits. His movies including Why Did I get Married, Too are produced outside of Hollywood on minuscule budgets. Tyler Perry’s fan base will enjoy and eat this latest movie up with great relish, while outsiders will find a good story of trust, distrust, relationships, and redemption.

Why Did I get Married, Too, is actually a sequel to the 2007 film which was an adaptation of the stage play of the same name. This time around the familiar couples and best friends meet in the Bahamas for their annual reunion. At first everything is great with all the friends reconnecting and catching up with all the latest news in their families. Then in typical Tyler Perry fashion, pain sets in when trust issues are introduced. One couple suspects cheating in their house, while another couple completely dissolves through divorce. Though out the film there are ups and downs and at the end, for at least one of the main characters, there is happiness, or at least promise.

Critics usually pan Tyler Perry films, and this one is no exception. True, this is no monumental moment in film making, but in a way it is. When has there ever been this much success by a black film maker since Spike Lee? In times where movie ticket sales are declining at rapid rates, Tyler Perry continues to bring out profitable hit after profitable hit. There is one thing critics alike can not discard, this film is a success financially wise.

Should you go see it? Like I stated earlier, this film does do its fans justice by taking the familiar Tyler Perry formula. If you are not a fan or never have seen the original, I advise you to go ahead and take a chance on the film. The Tyler Perry formula works for a reason, it connects with the audience in a way that reflects understanding, forgiveness, and love. Movie goers of all races and background will find something in common with at least one of the couples in the movie. So take a chance on something new, go see Why Did I get Married, Too.

Source by Andre Barde

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