Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter by Better Shea Butter – Best Rated Ingredient for DIY Skin Care Recipes – For Dry or Acne-Prone Skin, Eczema, , Stretch Marks, Delicate Baby Skin – 1 LB (16 oz)


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The skin is the largest organ of the body and serves several important functions including protection, regulating body temperature and storing water, fat and vitamins. Unrefined Shea Butter is an all-natural, chemical-free solution to care for your skin. If you have any of the following 10 skin conditions, you are not alone: Acne, Eczema, Hives, Psoriasis, Dry Skin, Wrinkles, Stretch Marks, Cracked Heels, Sun Damage, Skin Rashes. Our Grade A Shea Butter is fresh, creamy and versatile. Use it alone or in combination with other natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Essential Oils of your choice to make lotions tailored to your skin condition and your personal preference.


IVORY Shea Butter varies from off-white, to beige to light gray. The shades of color are inevitable with this natural product, however be reassured that all Shea Butter from Better Shea Butter Co. is Grade A, high quality and fresh, and comes from Ghana in West Africa. The smell of Ivory Shea Butter is slightly nutty, and the consistency is rich but relatively light when compared to Yellow. All skin types and all ages including children can benefit from using Ivory Shea Butter. Please refer to our YELLOW Shea Butter Product Page for more details on this type of butter.

Purchase your 1LB of Raw Shea Butter from us and you will receive a complimentary downloadable eBook with many Shea Butter recipes to help you use this wonderful product.

“My daughter recently had an issue with dry skin and the pediatrician recommended that we make our own lotion for maximum moisture, using shea butter and almond oil. After reading tons of reviews, I purchased this one and I have been incredibly pleased. I made a batch of lotion for my daughter and then my 79yo mom requested some. I just made her some and she loves it. This is going to become a staple in our home. Great product!” – M
Use 100% pure Shea Butter to give your skin a concentrated dose of vitamins A, E and F, Antioxidants, and Essential Fatty Acids. Use as an ingredients to make luxurious body butters, scrubs, deodorants, rash creams, salves, lip balms, lotion bars and many more homemade creations.
BENEFITS FOR SKIN: moisturizing, reduces inflammation, skin smoothing, anti-aging. BENEFITS FOR HAIR: keeps hair smooth, hydrated and manageable, great to make DIY deep-conditioning hair masks.
A free eBook of Body Butter Recipes is Included with your purchase to help you create your own wonderful skin and hair care products.
Exceptional customer service is our priority. Love our Shea Butter or choose between a full refund or a free replacement unit. Contact us via the Amazon Contact Seller option and we will get back to you within 12 hours.

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