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We all heard the expression “What’ll they think of next” being spoken sarcastically from someone we know. Of course this was said after some absurd new product or way of doing something was read or heard about by that person. Believe it or not, it happens around the world much more often than we realize.

All a person has to do is some creative surfing on the Internet and they’re likely to get barraged with tons of stories of unusual  business   ideas  that turned ordinary people into a millionaire overnight. Some  ideas  that were so bizarre, never in your wildest dream could you imagine them coming true. All I had to do was insert the words “unusual  business   ideas ” into the Google search engine and after jumping around to a few sites I stumbled upon some real good stories.

What one can do with creative thinking is absolutely amazing. A Dutch designer created a bookshelf that can be converted into a coffin. Now a site called Last Things dot net sells two-part bookcases with removable shelves and both sections hinged together to fold up into a box to be used as a coffin, and if you look further you’ll be sure to find other online entities offering similar things.

Until recently, establishing companies would pay as much as $1,500 in non-refundable fees to purchase domain names. A new company so called “Picky Domains” was created by 17 professional domain name creators from different countries who would charge their clients only $50. Once the client paid that fee he/she would receive a list of available domains via email every day for 30 days and after the customer selected one, he/she would pay $25 to register it. You can do the same by visiting the picky domains website that offers anyone this same service and an opportunity for domain name creators to receive half the registration fee for every name they create that is registered.

A 21 year old man, Alex Tew, came up with a strange advertising technique that made him a millionaire quickly: The Million Dollar Homepage. This screen had a matrix of 1,000 by 1,000 pixels and when displayed, all the viewer has to do is run their mouse pointer over it and company names would appear. He would charge each company $1 per pixel and many of them bought several adjacent pixels to form images representing their companies.

Scottish Courage, a large UK brewer created a beer-flavored ice cream that tasted like Newcastle Brown Ale. British consumers tried it and loved it. Now this brewery has a joint venture with Doddington Dairies that is also located in Northeast England. Now you can type in the words “beer ice cream” in most search engines and find several sites about companies offering ice cream made with beer.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of true stories of out there telling how average people came up with rather unusual  business   ideas  and made fortunes from them. I have used a method called dropshipping to start my business. So if you ever had a  business   idea  then later told yourself that it was rather dumb and would never work, give it another thought, you may be surprised at how successful it may be.

If you want to learn how to dropship then I have written up some information on how to get started.

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