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Why do we need our smartphones and portable devices such as a tablet computer? We need them because it connects us to a wide range of services that makes our daily task better and streamlined. A smartphone with an excellent hardware and software is not enough. It should have certain cloud based services that has the ability to sync with more than one device in real time. At a time when businesses are perky and there is a constant need to be updated and informed of the latest development on the work and client front, there is a massive increase in the number of cloud-based service. The impending question, is it really important to be “Up there in the Clouds”? The answer is a definite yes. Lets find out why.

Since we are talking about cloud based service, the mention of Dropbox cannot go amiss. What motivated Drew Houston to conceive and finally create the cloudy wonder we known as Dropbox? The answer to this question is “Convenience”. While a student at MIT, Houston often forgot to carry his USB drive. Forgetfulness coupled with dissatisfaction with the then existing cloud based file synchronization service Houston started working on Dropbox which was finally launched in 2008 at the annual technology conference, TechCrunch50. Since that day Dropbox is the most preferred online storage and file synchronization service used by million of users and professionals from across the globe.

Success of Dropbox is one of the many examples as to why cloud based services are such a rage. A Smartphone user of today wants to access everything on his/her device from anywhere and everywhere. It is the call of the day and also the future. Irrespective of the platform or OS, a user wants the most basic service such as email support, calendar and contacts on the cloud. At the same time storing backup such as file, docs and contact information on the cloud is one of the most sought after service that an average user seeks. Restoring lost data due to misplacement or loss of device was a daunting task some years ago. However, thanks to services such as iCloud, users can easily access import contact from the cloud in event of loss data and contact. Most of us are extremely active on multiple platforms and setting them up each time is a very exhaustive process. However, with cloud based service a user can login at one place and access all information on the go.

The cloud has become the defining factor of our very existence. It has become the storage space for personal information, social feed and entertainment. In short, the cloud is here to stay and evolve for the better in times to come. Several big companies in the likes of Google and Apple are forever trying to woo the audience with the best cloud based service. PDA or USB drives have become the thing of the past when every Smartphone is driven by the power of the internet.

Likewise, the power of internet allows users to merge media with apps stores. Apps Store such as Google Play, Apple app store are all on the cloud. Using these services we can download a lot of software that can be used for varied purposes ranging from entertainment, productivity and work. The world of apps is growing at an unprecedented pace. It has allowed developer to generate lot of revenue. At the same time users get more value out of their phones, thanks to services in the form of mobile apps.

In our conclusion we can say that modern day businesses, commerce in a nutshell our live is driven by the Cloud. In fact in many ways Internet has become synonymous with Cloud and vice-versa. It has so seamlessly penetrated into our lives thanks to popular services such as Dropbox, Skydrive, iCloud and Google Drive. Connecting to USB or a cable is considered archaic. While the USB industry is becoming redundant, newer and fresh cloud driven service are emerging which are designed to take Smartphone experience to the next level.

Source by Kamna Datt Bangaru

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