USB Flash Drive Pens – Using Technology to Appeal to Customers


USB flash drives are one of the most effective promotional products around especially because of their versatility and practical advantages. A USB flash drive has a flash memory application that stores data and is combined with USB commonly known as the Universal Serial Bus interface. USB flash drives are removable and rewritable and smaller in comparison to floppy disks. Their functionality and the need to either store or transfer data from one computer to another makes them very ideal promotional products.

The USB flash drive and pen combination however in an innovative and cutting edge promotional product because it is a USB drive and a pen all in one. While it actually looks like a regular ball point pen, when you pull it apart it divides and you find that underneath the pen sheath there is a USB connector on the upper part of the pen. Because the USB pen combination has a very slick finish that is of very good quality, you can have your logo and message either printed or engraved on this slick surface.

Because both the pen and the USB are very factional and are used on a daily basis, this is one promotional product that has many advantages. One of the advantages of using a USB and pen combination for promotions is that you can pre-load your own data on the gadget so that you are able to present your clients with comprehensive details about your company and the products and services that you are offering to them. You can use the device to present the customers with sales information or even your product or service catalog and information. It is also advisable to place a link to your website on the data included in the USB flash drive pen.

With a USB flash drive pen, you present your customers with an opportunity to see your business first hand. You can even load a small introductory presentation movie on the drive. You can have a full color presentation on the drive and this gives you an edge over your competitors. You can have the promotional USB flash drive pen completely personalized with different colors depending on the theme of your company if you have one.

The promotional USB flash drive pen is also very convenient because it is small, durable, and very portable and you can easily carry it with you to any place that you want to go to. It is also a very light promotional item and is quite functional for personal as well as official functions. The USB flash drive pen is being used by people more and more and because of this, it is one product that can give your company a very wide coverage. You can either slip the small and portable USB flash drive pen into your pocket or you can add another dimension to the promotional product that is already very effective. Add a custom printed lanyard to the flash drive pen so that you can conveniently carry it around your neck or use a custom printed key-chain and the USB pen becomes the ideal storage and writing device.

Source by Andrew Sherman

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