Video Games – Are They Therapy Or Your Addiction?


Being addicted to video games types like shooter, role playing games and jam-packed action games is nothing new for PlayStation and Xbox. Games like “Fight Night 4” from Xbox 360 and the worldwide sensation of Xbox 360 “Halo 3” are video games that are games that are making record in sales for both 2009 and history itself.   Entertainment  in our 2009 year is empirical for many families, it provides distraction from a hectic day of work and it has often been linked to stress reduction capabilities. Its  entertainment  and it sales!

Playing with people from China, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, USA and many other places to shout “I beat you and I will beat you again”, “Wow you are really horrible, even my 10 years old brother can beat you with his eyes closed”, among many other adrenaline little kid type of mindset for just a few minutes can give you a rush of temporary  entertainment . When things are a little slow, gaming  entertainment  might be a fantastic option for resale opportunities and for your own enjoyment!

One of the favorite Xbox 360 games right now is “Fight Night 4”. From Roy Jones Jr vs. Oscar De La Hoya, to Miguel Cotto vs Muhammad Ali and many other great bouts you can make. There are not many limits. It is entertaining surreal boxing game and an addicted game I must say. From ESPN commentators to having Madison Square Garden at your back and even pre-fight weight count rumbles. The game is that good!

If you are looking to turn profits online, offering in-demand games at wholesale and bundling them with other accessories usually mean nice ROI as a store owner. Just like any other merchandise product, you match it with other bonuses; you can profit more if you are a resale business person. If you’re just looking for the therapy and I must say, the entertaining addictive feeling of these games – buying them at a discount would be a great choice.

Of course, then in no particular order you have Halo 3 still with worldwide video games growing fanatics. These types of games are so successful that most people wait in-line at early hours just to grab a copy of the video games. So, is it addiction or a therapy purchase for many? The beauty of this whole Xbox addiction remains through games like Halo and gaming products from PlayStation. These two consoles are the top sellers in video games  entertainment  as far consoles and video games go today. So if you want to save a couple hundred dollars a year, acquire your video games at wholesale.

Realistic point of view whether video games are an addiction or a therapy? They are both an addiction and a therapy. When you play the games, sell them for a profit either in brand new conditions or in gently used conditions, it becomes addictive for many people. If it’s just a therapy, you won’t want to miss Fight Night Round 4. It’s a keeper if you are a gaming fan or a wholesale resale business person.

Source by John A. Roberts

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