Virginia Tech Shooting Spree – Informing Your Children


Bad things happen everyday but catastrophes/massacres such as this are very infrequent. Children do not know this and when they come to know of something like this happening, there is a tendency for these children to worry, get scared, and even have nightmares. As a parent, it is your obligation to make sure that they understand that this is not very common.

So here is how we recommend parents of young children to bring this up to your children. Explain that they are safe and well protected by people that love them. You need to give them reassurance that they in an environment full of peace. Then you explain how bad things happen sometimes. Whether it is a car accident or not but that does not mean it affects anybody.

Then you explain the circumstances that led to the event. Make it clear to your child that what has happened is extremely rare because of what had happened in Virginia. The shooter was a loner and a very disturbed individual.

No matter how safe you tell your kids they will be, they will still worry. They will still have the impressions that it could still happen to them. There is nothing you can do to take that fear away from them. It is human nature to feel it. You just have to be there to support them.

Parents are far too often sheltering their kids from the World’s events and we feel that is the wrong thing. Because if children do not know problems exist in the world, they will have difficulty coping with them. Every child is different and keep an open mind and ask them what questions they have about the massacre. You need to be there for them to answer all that they ask.

Source by Eshwarya Patel

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