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Voice Recognition Technology is non-contact, non-intrusive and easy to use. It is a system’s ability to process “what a person is saying”- speaker verification, “technology based on an individual vocal physiology and behavior to validate a claim of identity.” In the technology words and phrases are broken down into various kinds of frequency patterns that, taken together, describe someone’s unique way of speaking. Speech recognition technology works on the same speed as the speaker, it understands vernacular and accents.

The voice recognition software has been around since the last nineties. The first speech recognizer appeared in 1952 and consisted of a device for the recognition of single spoken digits. Voice recognition is the modified version of speech recognition. The major between the two is that voice based technology is used as a protective device whereas it not only recognizes the commands given but also the voice of the user.

Speech recognition is a broader solution which refers to technology that can recognize speech without being targeted at single speaker. There are continuous improvements in the accuracy of the voice recognition software that already changed a number of industries and increase their productivity. Speech recognition technology can also help launch a new, small business into a large one. Many companies are using this technique as the primary system for processing, collecting orders, checking balances, checking inventories and other such task.

The most popular types of speech recognition software are: automated telephone system, call routing, data entry, movement of devices for handicapped people and the other as the television remote control installed with the windows 7. As with every technology innovation is necessary to drive better performance. With button controlled infra red remotes being common place for a number of years and with speech being the most utilized mode of communication. Speech recognition technology helps in making the life comfortable and the work easy for the people.

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