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The technology market is buzzing with the arrival of several gizmos in the past few days. One of those gadgets that have managed to attract the interest of the bulk of tech lovers is the digital sound recorder. If you are thinking that a digital voice recorder is old news than this article can help you to update yourself. Rapidly advancing technology has given these small and simple gadgets a whole new dimension and added numerous features in it thereby making it an extremely smart and cool piece of technology.

Top features in the latest voice recorders

Today recording hardware come laden with the latest technology to make you fall in love with them. Some of the most advanced features that you should expect from your new portable recorder are:

  1. Small in size: You have the ease of carrying your recorder everywhere you go, in your packet. No need to carry an additional bag or the bulky cover for it.
  2. Voice detection: The automatic voice detection technology turns on the voice recorder just by your command and records the entire conversation without any failure. After its task is completed, it automatically goes into the sleep mode. So now you need not worry about conserving battery life. The recorder is smart enough to do this itself.
  3. Inbuilt FM: Recorders come with an inbuilt AM/FM to help you stay connected. Some of models come with an integrated MP3 player and have the ability to produce amazing sound quality. So next time you go out and forget your iPod at home, remember to use your recorder to kill boredom.
  4. USB connectivity: You can instantly connect your voice recorder with your PC and share music files or even sound recordings. Here I would advise you to check before hand if the model you have selected has this feature or not as only some of the models give you USB connectivity.
  5. Powerful batteries: Current models in voice recorders come with powerful lithium ion batteries and can record nonstop for up to 16 hours. This allows you to move with the freedom from the worry of carrying bulky cords for recharging your recorder every few hours.
  6. Transcribing your recordings: This is one feature that makes it really smart. You can use the headphones that come along to manually transcribe the whole recording for you. If you are feeling too lazy to do it yourself, your recorder will do it for you. When you connect it with a PC, the transcriber can convert the recordings into text directly entered into the PC memory. You need not manually do anything as a single command will get your work done.

Decide what you want from your recording equipment

Now that you are aware of all the features that you may look forward to in your new sound recorder, you need to think what actually you want from it. Unless you do this, you will stay in the dilemma of which model to go for. Clear yourself the following few points:

  1. What is your use: The usability will decide the range in which you should go. If you just want to record some lectures or meetings, don’t go for a very expensive one while if you actually need the high end features for business purposes or just want to impress others, you will have to shell out more money.
  2. Memory: The models that come with a memory of 1 GB or more are useful only if you are a genuine user. You won’t need a 2 GB memory just for storing music of a few hours of recordings. The higher the memory you desire, the costlier your voice recorder will get.

Markets are full of different varieties and models of electronic recorders. Several top companies are in the business of bringing you the best of the technology. It is high time you dump your old magnetic tape recorder that left you nowhere due to misplaced or broken tapes at most critical times and go for a flashy recorder and get a feel of what the world is raving about.

Source by Peter Kerl

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