VoIP – An Impressive Technology to Connect the World


VoIP is the latest means of telephony. It is an alternative that can overcome the backlogs of traditional means of telephony. The user can make use of its several features to connect to others. The connection is established with just an internet connection and devices such as computers. However, nowadays, VoIP is also available on mobile phones that makes it a completely independent wireless system.

The best part of VoIP is that there is no difference in charge rate whether the calls are long distant ones or local calls. In fact, the Voice over IP do not have any concept like international call. All calls are local and the user is charged the same even for long distance or inter-continental calls. It is a norm that the charges involved are less as compared to traditional telephony services. The system is convenient as there is no need to draw long wires to connect the phone with the service provider’s office. The internet makes it possible for users to connect very easily by means of an analog adaptor that converts digital signal to analog forms. This is the reason why VoIP phone, VoIP calls and VoIP  technology  are enjoying huge popularity all over the world these days.

This system of telephony actually works on the principle whereby analog signals are converted to digital forms and are transferred over a PSTN network to the end user. The user retrieves the call and converts them back to analog form from their digital format. Calls are instantly transferred without any delay. The users of Voice over IP network can also simultaneously transfer pictures, videos and other attachments while making the calls. There is also the option of call conferencing and sending and receiving of files and storing the same on the memory of the secondary device that is being used to connect to the Internet.

The payment options is also very simple for VoIP (VoIP phone, VoIP call and VoIP  technology ). Now, it is possible to make payments of monthly bills with the aid of credit cards. Billing software are also available and once they are installed, it gives detailed information about calls being made, remaining balance in the account and the total expenditure incurred. Sometimes the service providers of VoIP offer amazing deals with their services. Under such deals it is sometimes possible for users to avail voice over service free of costs for a specified period of time. There may also be offers such as unlimited monthly or yearly benefits. The benefits may be in the form of free minutes of talk time.

The best part about Voice over IP is that it has features that are not generally found in traditional telephony services. These features are softphone, voicemail, call waiting, call ID, 3 way calling, call forwarding, in network calling, simultaneous ring and call return. These options make the system very useful and the users can make ultimate use of the  technology .

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