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Creating your own wall art is actually not a very difficult process. But I must warn you, it can be a little time consuming. If you have a little bit of spare time, you may want to print out this tutorial and follow these simple steps to create your very first wall art.

Step 1: Choose your reference image. If your wall art is for personal use, you may choose any reference image you want. (E.g. creating wall art in your own home) But if you’re creating wall art for commercial reasons, make sure that you do not choose licensed reference images.

Step 2: Okay, now that you have you reference image, it’s time to measure the wall andmark out the boundaries of your wall art with a pencil. How big do you want your wall art to be? The bigger the image, the more paint and time is required.

Step 3: This is by far the most important step. You’re now ready to transfer the reference image to your wall. There are a number of ways to do this but to keep things simple, I’ve decided to just list the simplest method of all.

This transfer method is commonly known as the grid method. Use a pencil to draw a grid on your reference image, dividing it into squares or rectangles. Transfer the grid to the wall area, all the time keeping the grid in proportion. How big (or small) the grid is will depend on how accurate you want your wall art to be. The more accuracy you want, the more grid squares you have to create so that the measurements remain accurate.

Once the grids are ready, transfer the image to the way using a pencil. Fill in the wall art square by square. This can be a time consuming process depending on the complexity of the image that you’ve chosen.

Step 4: This is the final step for your wall art. You should have the required colors ready. Use acrylic paints as they dry fast and are non-toxic and permanent. Work on the wall art from square to square again until your image is complete.

Let the painting dry and that’s it! You’ve created your first wall art. You can try to be creative and try drawing a wall art without using a reference image.

If you want to remove the wall art, simply paint over it with ordinary wall paint.

Source by Darren WK Chow

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