Watchmen – Not Your Typical Hero Movie


Set in a world similar to Sin City, Watchmen takes place in a cold dark world where evil is good, and good is evil. Even the heroes are not squeaky clean like Superman or Ironman. The Comedian is rough around the edges to say the least. He would do things most people would view as villain-esque. The closest comparison would be a philandering Punisher type hero.

Rorschach seems to be most peoples favorite. He sees things in black and white as his inkblots project this theme. The blots also serve to show his changing expressions. He has seen horrible things and is willing to do whatever it takes to serve vengeance to criminals.

Dr. Manhattan has had his atoms re-assembled by a scientific machine he was trapped in by accident. Now he is detached from humanity, but could be the one that could save them from nuclear annihilation. He has a love for the Silk Spectre II. But because of the disaster he can not give her the emotional satisfaction she needs. He is a lonely sort and only his superpowers make him interesting.

The Night Owl II can see in the dark and has a great invention named “Archie” that can fly and shoot fire out of it. He is one of the duller characters and a bit of a dork. The story seemed to revolve around him but only because the Silk Spectre II is his love interest. You start to sympathize with him a little towards the end, but not enough that he would be the favorite character.

Ozymandias is an unusual character as he is super intelligent. And not in a “gigantic brain” cheesy way. They say he can dodge a bullet he is so fast. He is always thinking ten steps ahead. With his brain power anything could be possible. A true mastermind and doesn’t have the physical weakness that you would think a brainiac would.

All these diverse heroes working together is a bit of an oddity. But that’s what makes Watchmen unique in it’s dark world and twisted scenarios. They are more human in their flaws and I think that’s what endures them so much to us. We can’t relate with the Bruce Wayne or Superman archetypes. But we understand emotional scarring that the Comedian, Silk Spectre II and Rorschach deal with. The people that they save are ungrateful and even riot to have masks removed. How like real life, the villains are idolized and the real heroes are villainized.

Source by Clarke Baldwin

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