Ways to Lower Your Health Insurance Costs


Many North Carolina residents are seeking to lower their health insurance costs because of the economic times. Good health care coverage is an important investment in your future so smart shopping can save you time and money in insurance premiums. Here are a few suggestions for cutting costs on health insurance:

Ask a reputable health insurance agent to help

Getting expert help from an experienced insurance agent does not increase your health insurance premium costs and will usually save you valuable time and money. A reputable agent understands all the terms and benefit options that can decrease your monthly rates while offering medical care benefits to suit your needs. It is very important to seek advice on several health insurance policies and compare the benefits and costs involved. They can also give advice about existing medical conditions and whether you will qualify for reduced monthly premiums.

Invest in a Health Savings Account or HSA

The main benefit of HSA plans is the savings from having a higher deductible and no co-pays for doctors and drugs. These health plans are less expensive per month and the out-of-pocket expenses can be lower than the actual co-pay type plans if you require hospitalization or major medical treatment. Make sure to get a reputable insurance carrier that has a good track record and reputation for paying insurance claims.

Increase your deductible on your existing health plan

If you already have an insurance plan but can’t afford the monthly premiums, consider increasing the deductible to save money on monthly premiums. This can actually save hundreds of dollars a year if you are healthy and require few doctor visits and medications.

Check out a specialized insurance plan

These health plans are always cheaper because they usually cover only hospital and surgical expenses. Many cover a specified amount for each day in the hospital and certain surgical expenses for common surgeries. Accident plans cover certain accident related medical injuries. These plans are helpful in case of medical emergencies and provide coverage that can save you from financial crisis if you are involved in an accident.

Look into Major Medical Plans

For those in good health, check out the options with major medical insurance that covers only certain illnesses like heart disease, cancer, and other major health problems. These plans will be a lot less expensive than comprehensive health plans but still cover you in case of future illness and common health problems.

Give honest answers on your application

Give honest, detailed answers on your application so that you can get the best policy for your health. Many insurance underwriters will check carefully for your medical history. Describe all medical treatments in detail and carefully explain any previous conditions you may have had and whether they were mino.

Start healthy living routines and exercise

Keeping fit with exercise will also help save money on future medical costs. Choosing healthy eating and exercise can reduce the doctor visits and medical treatments later in life. Develop an overall health plan that works with your life style and lower your risk of needing major medical care later in life.

Source by Elliot Bigman

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