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In my last article, I talked a little about what web 3.0 is. In this one, I would like to talk a little about the technology aspect of Web 3.0 and see if I can paint a small picture of where it is headed, but before I do that let us look at how to define it:

1. Universality to be used for every browser.

2. Mobility, each type of printer hardware.

3. Accessibility, web standards, application solution, software SaaS.

A few characteristics of Web 3.0 would be web-based solutions. (ASP, SaaA, Software, Application, the webmaster, users, DataBase server and Microformats)

Graphically characteristics: user(s) communities, sites outer linking between each other, open source and hardware layer independence, just to name a few.

Here is the list of Web 3.0 users:

Artificial Intelligence

Automated reasoning

Cognitive architecture

Composite applications

Distributed computing

Knowledge representation

Ontology (Computer Science)

Recombinant text

Scalable vector graphics

Semantic web

If you didn’t understand all the terms just mentioned, don’t worry for right now because the average person will never be involved in setting up the infrastructure of Web 3.0. However, you will be using some type of this technology in the future if you plan on using the web.

People think computers are getting smarter. It is just that people are programming them in such a way that it is gathering more and more information and is used in a way that we think the computer is smarter than humans.

In the context of Web 3.0, inference engines will be combining the latest innovations from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) field together with domain-specific ontologies (created as formal or informal ontologies, by, say, Wikipedia, as well as others), domain inference rules, and query structures to enable deductive reasoning on the machine level.

The term transforming the web into a database has been kicked around for several years but it looks like Web 3.0 is the word. There was another term emerged “Data Web” but we will see if this one is allowed. Only time will tell.

Let’s talk a little about RRS technology. It will allow information to be transferred to almost any other website like Myindiatims and IGoogle. These sites will let users create their own personal home page and the RRS feed can draw its content so the user can select much of it.

As you can see, technology is rapidly advancing. Why not advance with it!

Source by Carl N Randolph

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