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This is superb at weddings because Salsa is a naturally fun and extremely social dance that is very easy to learn when taught well.

The beauty is your Salsa teacher can rotate partners every 4 or so minutes, meaning your guests will interact and socialise very, very quickly in a happy, non threatening way. Laughter and high energy is included automatically as part of the dance!

A quick tour of the history of Salsa

Salsa is a Latin dance that originated in Cuba with a heavy African influence as a result of the slave trade. African drum beats merged with string instruments and vocals creating a new earthy rhythm. Over the century’s, as Salsa musicians travelled and exchanged ideas the music has taken on a whole new vibe and is danced nearly all over the developed world, and in each region you can get a completely different feel, but the dance steps are pretty much the same anywhere in the world, even if some start on different beats.

Another option for your wedding is Merengue, which is even easier to learn than Salsa simply because it is a two step dance, if your guests can walk, they can Merengue because all you need do is shift your feet and hips from left to right so you dance on a one, two; one, two rhythm.

Because of its simplicity and energetic beat Merengue can be a great kick-start to reception proceedings.

To get a real flavour of either of these two dances take a local class before your big day – you may even get hooked.

Source by Terry J Lewis

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