What Are CEREC Crowns?


Traditionally the method for getting a crown involves a messy impression (mold of your mouth). Then, you have to wear a temporary for about 3-4 weeks while you wait for your permanent crown to be made by a lab. Doesn’t sound fun, does it? Well it isn’t because during the 3 weeks, you run the risk of it falling off, breaking off, it being sensitive, and more. It’s called a temporary for a reason!EUR

EURThe latest   technology  allows you to receive a crown in the same visit. How is that possible? Using a computer, dentists can now take a picture of your tooth before and during your dental evaluation. The brand name of the machine is typically called CEREC. So if you hear that someone got a CEREC crown, they got a crown on the same visit without a temporary EUREUR.

CEREC  technology  is top-of-the-line, and it’s completely digital. An image of your tooth is captured and the computer creates your tooth digitally on the screen. From there, your dentist can edit and manipulate the tooth any way he or she needs to. Think of it as 3D photoshop. Then a machine (CAD-CAM  technology ) will mill your tooth out of a solid piece of porcelain in about 15 minutes. When it is done, the new crown is polished, verified to fit and bonded into your mouth!

Major advantages to CEREC  technology  include no waiting, more conservative crown (b/c it is beautiful porcelain so more tooth structure can be saved to make it pretty), decreased sensitivity (because your tooth is sealed immediately with a crown) and no metal in your mouth (if you have the rare chance of allergy to metals).

CEREC crown  technology  is truly cutting-edge, thus, you should ask your dentist if they provide this service. If not, a quick internet search in your area can help you find a dentist offering CEREC crown.

Source by Fred D. Jenkins

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