What Are Good Movies


From romance, action, and adventure to horror, thrillers, and suspense, movies come in every variety and design imaginable, and are as much a part of most peoples lives as the air they breathe. Movies are an astonishing art form that have touched peoples lives and emotions since the day they began.

The motion film industry has produced films over the years that have reached inside, and touched peoples innermost emotions. How many times have you shed a tear or found yourself laughing hysterically over a movie? Or perhaps checking under the bed before going to sleep at night-time.

 Movies  are a popular  entertainment  all over the world, and with today’s computer generated technology, today’s graphics and illusions appear so real you may find yourself totally submerged in a  movie  for hours as the world goes by without you. Movies are an escape from reality, and at times an adrenalin rush as real as reality itself.

One of the most compelling affects movies can have on viewers is to leave them either empathizing or despising the characters of the movie, and compelling actors and actresses may be liked or disliked solely for a job well done. I have many times enjoyed watching the effect a great movie can have on the audience.

Movies are designed to touch ones feelings, and the louder people become during a movie, the more their emotions are being touched. Listening to men and women screaming or clapping for the hero or ranting and shouting at the villain is explicit proof of a nicely created film.

Although movies may rely on computers for visual and particular effects, the screen writing and the acting is what in reality makes or breaks a film. Commendable movies will usually take the human element of emotions into account as the basis for the movie. Great movies come up with a way of leaving people feeling happy, sad, frightened, or at times even confused, but the most critical thing is they have to leave you feeling as though you just took part in something.

Today many of the older film classics are being remade. Most likely due to the fact that the story and plot were there thirty or fifty years ago, but by adding today’s modern technology and graphics adds to the audience’s enjoyment of the film.

Without a doubt, movies can have a pronounced influencing affect on people’s lives and behavior, and are an important part of today’s culture. Anything that touches human emotions has some sort of an affect, and no other art form touches human emotions more than a good movie.

Source by Edward Isner

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