What Christian Girls Should Know Before Dating


Jumping into a relationship too quickly is one of the issues faced by most single Christians. Sadly, many of them are defeated by their emotions and become susceptible to sin. Refusing is sometimes very difficult when a Christian brother invites you to a date. Most of the times, Christian girls would grant a date especially when she knows him as a church-mate or member in a ministry. However, there are other factors that should also be considered in dating other than being a believer.

Below are some points that are often overlooked by Christian girls once courtship begins.

1. Associate with people who are financially independent

Dating is one of the steps in the milestone of courtship. It is very awkward to date someone who can’t even provide for himself. A Christian man who will invite for a date should be able to support himself financially. Otherwise, that would indicate a juvenile aim and vulnerability.

2. Affiliate with people who are able to express themselves boldly

A man who can’t express his motives boldly can never be trusted. In courtship, confessing an intention is the most difficult element. Men tend to be so timid in telling an honest admiration towards the opposite gender. But if a man is sincere, he will be confident enough to express his emotions and control it when necessary.

3. Prefer going out with those who present responsibility and determination

Ask God’s guidance to help you discern if he is a fully matured Christian who is able to handle life crisis. His family background is also a good tool in assessing his loyalty. A Christian man should show Godly traits that are evidenced in his workplace. He should be able to demonstrate strong work ethic and time management. These characters are indication that he is looking for a long and lasting relationship, and not just a plain affair.

4. Seek to Honour God in everything

Above anything else, pray for your heart to be guarded. Ask for the gift of discernment for you to determine a man’s motive. Honour God in every decision that you’ll make — whether to grant or reject a date.

Christian singles dating should consider not only the spiritual maturity of their potential partners but also their personal growth. When courtship is aimed to yield in a long-term relationship, you should consider all possibilities that will happen. And remember, do not engage in an affair that compromises your Christian values. Before jumping into a relationship, ask yourself whether it is something that honours God or something that draws you away from Him.

Source by Shei Tan

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