What Happened in 2008?


A lot have happened in 2008 so far and of course the year cannot be completely accounted for until the new year has taken over. However, it has been an exciting year, a lot has happened in politics, music, economics, entertainment and science that will go to history as milestones and affect humanity for a long time to come. It will furthermore be impossible to cover all events, news and occurrences of 2008, but here are the top selections that will paint a good picture of what happened in 2008!

Politics: Barack Obama for President

Late August 2008 U.S senator Barack Obama accepted the nomination of the Democratic party for the primary U.S presidential elections of 2008. The Democrat’s nomination convention in Denver held over 80,000 supporters and spectators and there were no doubt that it would go down in American politic history as one of the most important moments of our century. The race for the Democratic nomination had been running for several months as one of the most remarkable events in politic history. Not only were two very characteristic candidates involved, but for the first time the race were really tight.

Now we wait for the presidential elections to start, which will probably be one of the greatest events for the year of 2008, and it stands between republican John McCain and democrat Barack Obama.

Entertainment: New Kids are back on the block

On a less serious note, like entertainment always is, the news of 2008 has be the re-union of the notorious boy band New Kids On The Block. With a new album called The Block coming out 2nd August 2008, the reunited band members, without Mark Wahlberg, embarked on a world tour in September. With smach hits like Hanging Tough, NKOTB started off in the early 90s as one of the first boy bands in the music biz. Two years later they were announced the best paid performers, beating both Madonna and Micheal Jackson.

Up to this reunion all members of the band has pursued own goals, including solo careers in music, real estate and acting.

Source by Sven Salmonsson

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