What is a Business Coach?


A Business Coach guides business owners to an improved and more profitable business with a tested, proven and systematic “game plan” for any type of company.

As all great athletes eventually realize they must rely on a coach to improve their game and “take it to the next level,” more and more business owners are realizing the advantage business coaching can have on their overall performance.

The link between great athletes and great business owners is very strong. Both types of individuals are very unique and driven. They both love competition and the pursuit of victory. More than that, they both love to win.

In sports, this takes the form of titles and championships.

In business, it takes the form of a company that is ever growing, successful – and more importantly – profitable.

As business becomes more global and competitive, many business owners are finding that having a Business Coach is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity.

Technologically has made starting a small or home-based business relatively easy. Yet out of the 670,000 new small businesses each year, a staggering 540,000 go out of business. In addition, at least 50% of these die within their first year, and 80% go out of business within five years – numbers that have increased as the result of the current economic slowdown.

The goal of business coaching is to reverse those numbers – making business more profitable for more business owners and their families. That’s why business coaching looks at the business as a whole, becoming a resource an owner can rely on as a marketing manager, sales director, training coordinator, confidant and mentor.

Not only do owners learn how to build a solid and loyal customer base through a business coaching’s proven systems and methodologies, they also learn to master the crucial first minute of any sales call, as well as the secrets of selling and effective marketing. This includes learning how to create powerful press releases, effective ads and more compelling collateral and brochures.

The sports world is full of athletes who only won titles and championships after getting the guidance of a great coach, including Michael Jordan; or those who took their “game” to even higher levels, like Tiger Woods.

For business owners looking to take their own ‘game’ to the next level, a business coach may be the perfect solution.

Because every business that is made better through coaching means means employees who have better jobs, communities that have better products and services and owners who live happier and more fulfilling lives – both for themselves and their families.

Source by Brad Sugars

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