What is Bollywood?


Maybe it’s a bit of a simple question. I mean, everyone knows what  Bollywood  is right? It’s the film industry! Ahh! Well, you’ll be shocked at how many people can actually give a solid definition. This is actually a common question I get asked, because people want a REAL definition, one that actually stands.

Here’s what I’ve got to say as an answer:

 Bollywood  is a term that refers to the Indian film industry. People sometimes wonder why the name “ Bollywood “? As the Indian Film Industry is based in Bombay, the ‘H’ from Hollywood has been replaced by the ‘B’ in  Bollywood . Nearly all Indian films are musicals like the western films – ‘The sound of music’, ‘Grease’ or ‘Moulin Rouge’ and packed with songs and dances, which are sometimes referred to as  Bollywood  songs and  Bollywood  dances.

The dances can incorporate a fusion of both Eastern and Western choreography and learning  Bollywood  dancing can seriously transform you into quite a versatile dancer.  Bollywood  is one of the fastest growing dance forms in the UK, proving to be extremely popular amongst people of all backgrounds. Living in the multi-cultural society of Britain and with performing arts and entertainment becoming such a global industry, I feel that in the future,  Bollywood  will jump to another level on an international scale.

If you want to learn  Bollywood , check out our London dance classes or get the Dance and Fitness Personal Coach Pack. When it comes to dancing, every dancer is unique. Every dancer understands  Bollywood  differently. Everyone gives it their own spin, their own meaning. So in helping you to become a great dancer through these emails, I want you to take a moment and think about how you define  Bollywood  – especially, you, the dancer.

And until next time, keep up your practice!

Source by Honey Kalaria

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