What Is Your Primary Source Of Entertainment?


You cannot go one day without having fun. Actually, you can, but I advise against it if you want to live a long and mentally healthy life. More to the point, what do you to for fun?

Going to the movies is one great option, no doubt about it – I mean, you can take 2 hours of your life, and see what other people think about political issues, or what is their view on hunger, or REM sleep for that matter (see Inception, the movie, if you want to find out more). Truth be told, movies are not the best form of entertainment, because while they do engage the mind, they rarely provide a full experience – one needs to move, to feel like their a part of their activity in order to completely immerse to it. However, it is not always the case – take for example, reading – regardless of whether you go about your Google Reader and go through your feeds or you pick up one of the books you simply love and start reading it until your hands get tired you will find that your mind lets go of all the stress accumulated during the day. And you can’t say reading is quite a physical activity.

However, if you ever climbed a mountain for pleasure, or went ice skating or something similar you will know what I mean by fully engaging yourself. I mean, getting home, tired but completely fresh is a feeling that should come with entertainment and unfortunately going to the movies and playing a new game on your console just won’t do it for you, or for your mind. It is the way we are built. However, in order to solve the issue of entertainment through movement, Sony came up with the Wii console – which is an engaging form of entertainment. Not to mention that it is also a very comfortable one. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that technology is not necessarily the ultimate form of entertainment but more like its recent development. People have been traveling for ages and its effects proved to be far more effective than an afternoon with a well-built console. And it shouldn’t surprise you – going outside is a full experience, you get to smell the air, see the mountains, the flowers, the people – and that has a very particular effect on your mind. It gives it real data to process – and that makes all the difference.

Source by Johnny Wax

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