What to Do When You Encounter Runtime Error 216


On Microsoft’s official website, they mention that Runtime Error 216 is a problem experienced when either Windows cannot load a program, or an error message might occur when you either try to launch a Windows based program or even Internet Explorer. They attribute this run time error to the infection of a virus called the SubSeven Trojan virus and advises all its users to get a good anti virus software and clean out the problem. The runtime error 216 is actually a common problem with a lot of people and this is one of the best ways to trouble shoot it. With an anti virus software, you are able to clean out the Trojan virus and thus resume your computer to normal operations.

But then, there is a phenomena that is occurring all over the world for computer users – they are experiencing the same problem even when they have a good anti virus software installed. And some times, even after the infection has been cleared, the error message still appears. So what then happens? Before I go on, I will explain on how the Trojan virus works. In actual fact, it can be said that this virus is actually one of the lower risk viruses that are circulating on the net, and it uses a backdoor program built into its file system to gain access to your computer.

It affects all Windows versions prior to Vista and it allows people to gain access to your computer and your files without your prior knowledge. Usually, an internet firewall is enough to prevent the remote host from logging on to your I.P address and stealing stuff from your computer.

When you do get infected, problems you might encounter may include the inability to launch explorer or some programs, random CD Drives opening and closing, strange dialogue pop ups appearing on your screen randomly and the appearance and even disappearance of critical files. The problem with this Trojan is that it also penetrates the Windows registry and does malicious things to its command files.

Error 216 is just as much a registry error as it is a system error – all attributed to the Trojan virus. One of the common things that it does to your registry is add bogus command lines and embedded keys into your registry and causes Windows to be confused, often trying to execute commands that don’t exist to files that are not there in the first place.

What you need to do is to also, get a good registry cleaner to clean out the problems that it has placed in your registry. If you do ignore this, you will be affected by either the same few problems cropping up or a global slowdown of your computer system. A registry cleaner is a good ‘minesweeper’ of problems left behind by viruses, malware and adware which have been removed from your system. There are many available online and it is just a matter of logging on and downloading them to make Runtime Error 216 disappear for good.

Source by Logan Albright

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