Where and How Gossip News Begins


The life of a celebrity is an open book. You may be famous with all the alluring beauty and other good qualities you posses yet you are always subject to issues, intrigues and malicious accusations. You are a public interest; the apple of people’s eyes. Many look at you from head to foot and mostly meddle in your private life.

You might be thinking that gossip is just like news, talking about popular people like actors and actresses and their lives. Yes, it is partly correct but in many aspects, celebrity gossips differ from news.

If we define news, it is a sort of providing information to the public about matters and events that are recently happening in the locality or in the community. We learn that from radios, televisions, papers internet or sometimes we learn that from ones mouth.

Like news, we also learn gossips from radios, television, papers but the most common source of these is through internet and the other one is directly from others mouth. Gossips mainly talks about famous people and their life. If you compare that with news, the latter is usually done in live broadcast and newspapers which talks about recent and relevant issues.

News is telling something whether it is about current events, politics, environment, health, changes and other factual issues in the community while gossips are not. News, are confirmed by the responsible journalists reporting it but gossips are mostly hearsay and mere speculations. They are not always true and reliable, they being not verified.

The paparazzi who took surreptitiously pictures of a celebrity usually are the beginning of gossips and cause it to spread to the public.

The most common cause of these rumors and speculations begin from malicious photographs uploaded in the internet until they spread and become the talk of the town.

Source by Jackie Reyno

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