Who am I to Judge


I was watching a news program not to long ago and a guest was talking about God’s wrath being poured down on the United States because of the moral decay in society. The guest took a very high moral ground not admitting any faults with in themselves, their congregation, or the church in general.

Is God punishing the world? He may be, but who am I to judge the hearts of man. When hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast I don’t think any one thought that God was punishing the people that lived there. On the contrary people all around the world poured out compassion for the victims.

As Al-Qa’ida hi-jacked planes and flew them into the World Trade Center buildings in New York (we refer to as 9/11), I don’t think Christians around the world were judging the victims of 9/11.

Yes, our country’s morals have decayed in society. It seems that every one points fingers at this group and that group with the perception that everyone else is to blame. But where does the blame lie? Many blame   Hollywood , but if no one supported  Hollywood  then  Hollywood  would change. Some might blame the government, but who elects the government representatives? Others might blame the Church, but who is the church?

I believe the answer lies in the heart of the individual. Every person has moral choices to make and their choices effects the lives of others around them. As individuals we can choose to support or not support  Hollywood , elect government representatives that have moral convictions, be apart of a church that teaches the Gospel and the love of Christ, and we should examine our own hearts and lives.

I have not found the passage in the bible that says that once I have accepted Jesus Christ that I become the judge of man’s heart. It is not there, but it does say to share the ‘Good News’ and love your neighbor as yourself.

Changing society needs to start in the heart and lives of the individual. Death and destruction happens every day and as Christians we can take comfort that God’s plan is at work in this world. We may not be able to understand or comprehend His ways but His plan is the perfect plan.

Source by C. Dakota

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