Why Canvas Art is So Alluring


There are so many words written to describe canvas printing. And still I have something to add to the overall amount. Of course, canvas is the most fulfilling and trendy printing presentation for  art . You can turn everything into nice canvas prints from simple children’s drawings and holiday family pictures to real  art  reproductions or masterpieces.

Now I wish to talk about the types of canvas pieces. There is such a printing as Giclee. It is a French word and means splashes or spray. It is pronounced as zhee-clay. This term explains how to inject to a print work. Due to using giclee you end up with a very qualitative product. It allows you to create a very accurate colored item. Even the most exacting artists and photographers will be delighted and satisfied with such a piece of  art . The quality and appeal convince faster than words ever can. To produce these canvases, various 8 or 12 color ink-jet printers manufactured by Epson and Hewlett-Packard are used. Light- fast inks are resistant to ultraviolet rays and any other exposures are used to hold fast the finished product. A canvas print will be available for at least 2 generations as it will remain true and vivid for up to 75 years. Why these prints are so remarkable? They are accomplished in creating very extremely special and tiny details onto canvas. You cannot distinguish the original from a copy due to a high resolution of 2880 dpi being used.

Canvas print is a new page in painting as an  art . It provides painters and photographers with the wide range of advantages and variety of modern tools. Every artist knows such a feeling when he / she says good- bye to the masterpiece. A painter working for hours and month on his creation, devotes its time, effort and energy, invests his or her soul. After some times the work is born and sold. Of course, artist is happy with that from one hand, but on the other he or she has sold their work and experience joy. But, canvas print takes it to another stage; as due to this invention of the civilization artist can print images over and over again, sell them and share joy amongst many people. Also it is a benefit for people, as they can buy copies cheaper and have a nice canvas  art  printing at their place.

Photographers are really happy with the stretched canvases. Canvases give a new life to pictures, digital images or even negatives. Soft and valuable canvas prints would satisfy the most traditional professional and amateurs. Any size, style and form can be performed with the use of canvas prints. Colours are bright and vibrant will stay for a long time and gladden your eyes. Advanced technologies extend the time for colours and effects. You can carry out your print in black/ white, yellow, sepia or in any other effects and be sure that you get the brilliant result due to rich ink colours.

If a canvas prints company with good reputation offers to you their products, ask them about their prints and methods. They should inform their customers about the printers they use and do work with. As the average inks fade in a little over one year. So you can see it is important for you to have full information regarding the whole process and guarantees regarding result over time.

Source by Travis Olague

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