Why is Bollywood Targeting Terrorism?


When we thought that Terrorism is targeting the nation, well, times have now changed as Bollywood is targeting terrorism!

Right from movies like Maachis, Sarfarosh, Roja, Bombay, Dil Se, Mission Kashmir, Fanaa, A Wednesday, Mumbai Meri Jaan to recently released movies like Kurbaan, New York have all targeted terrorism. Though, initially it was a poignant topic to make a film on thus, most of them tasted success and triumph. Post 9/11 attacks, almost all the states came under the terrorist scanner and there was a constant fear and threat in the heart and minds of the masses. Hence, Bollywood at that point of time made movies which would project the hidden truth, different angles and view points of the masses, more jingoism and making public aware of the various kinds of mode terrorist use to attack, assumptions and probabilities etc.

Initially, reel life was meant for entertainment, so that the public can take a break from their busy, tiring schedule and hit the theatres. But now real life incidents are portrayed into reel life projects. Bollywood has always reacted and got highly influenced to all the majorly attacks and commotion in the city. Be it, India’s first major bomb blast happened in 1993 in Mumbai, to the Mumbai train blasts of the past year. Terrorism has a crucial part to play not only in the lives of the people but also in Bollywood.

It is really startling to see how the masses react to this kind of subject which is poles apart from the mainline movies that are based on diplomatic and political grounds. Movies which target terrorism reach a wider range of audience rather than other forms of arts. This may be one of the crucial reason that behind the appeal of such movies. Movies that depict terrorism have the human angle and sentiments as they tackle this sensitive issue in a more civilized way which on the other hand helps across the societies who face and suffer frequently. Even films like these empathize and sympathize with the mass.

The forthcoming Shahrukh Khan and Kajol film My Name is Khan will also follow the tracks of terrorism. Last year we saw Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor film Kurbaan fail miserably at the box office. And the irony is that, even Saif and Kareena’s Kurbaan was based on terrorism akin to Shahrukh Khan’s My Name Is Khan.

Shahrukh’s MNIK and Saif and Kareena’s Kurbaan can be compared with each other as both have a lot in common. The casting plot is the same as in Kurbaan, Saif Ali Khan, who plays the role of Ehsan Khan marries a Hindu Girl Avantika played by Kareena Kapoor. Likewise in the movie My name is Khan, Shahrukh, who plays the character of Rizvan Khan marries a Hindu Girl, a character essayed by Kajol. Apart from the characters, both the movies have the same location shoot. Both the films are shot in the US, portraying the dilemma between the individual, religion and the oppression by the state authorities.

Shahrukh Khan is called the Unique Selling Point of a movie and Karan Johar makes his films look sleek, and adding sugar to this, Kajol makes her comeback after Fanaa which was a big hit. The chemistry between Kajol and Shahrukh Khan is awe-inspiring as the people loved them together before and they will be more than happy to see them on screen one more time. The music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy is doing well and creating waves already. What more you want? After so many histrionics, will people even consider that the movie’s subject i.e. terrorism is getting repeated too many times and people are bored with it. Or will even SRK be turned down by the masses?

Source by Srinjan Bhowmick

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